Tuesday, July 22, 2008


R. I. P. Artie Traum.

Its been years since I saw him in Woodstock. Artie played with many of the greatest performers of my youth, from Dylan, James Taylor, the Band and dozens more.

I grew up in the Woodstock of the 80s when bands still played live at the Joyous Lake. As a youngster with a new drivers license and fresh out of school, weekends at the Gin Joints in Woodstock were the sht.

He and his brother Happy, were often a duo at many gigs and both have a long recording history. I still play his vinyl LP of CAYANE from way back when.

Artie will be missed, in a big way. The news is a shock. I, having lived in Kingston for so long and with no contact with musicians of my youth, have been unaware of his struggle with cancer. 65 is too young.
Local greats like Tony Levin here in Kingston and Warren Bernhardt in Woodstock will tell you of his great talent, but the locals will tell you of his great spirit.

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Edward Renehan said...

God bless Artie. He was not only a superb guitarist, but one of the finest human beings I have ever known. He will be missed.