Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Monday night's meeting of the Planning Board included the review of the addition to the Kingston Hospital.

With pretty pictures and site plans ready, the Director, Project Manager and Architect described what is now a downscale version of the proposed Ambulatory Surgical Center located at the back of the Hospital along Foxhall Avenue.

Due to increasing building costs, the new footprint is smaller than originally planned and has stepped away from the cement retaining wall along the street.

The lower elevation will eliminate the handicap maze from the parking lot and the landscaping will increase a bit.

Using oversize brick, they hope to blend in with the rest of the hospital complex with the plan to eventually connect the Women’s Health Center proposed at the Foxhall/Hasbrouck corner.

It looks pretty sharp. February is the tentative schedule for completion, but it’s just a guess. It seems, the managerial merger of the two hospitals has freed up some funds to make this happen. Quality service is the ultimate goal and we expect no less.


Anonymous said...

This will act as a conduit between the two facilities, right?
Just making sure that the final plan has access to the clinic.

It must be tough on those 19th century healthcare providers to deal with women having control over their own bodies.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Kingston will have a professional planner or assessor with education and experience instead of laboring with the current well-meaning secretaries turned Dept heads because of cronism?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos of the abortuary. Wow. Kingston and Benedictine hospitals could have merged years ago were it not for the radical pro-abortion agenda of some.