Sunday, July 27, 2008


In the last meeting of the Cable Committee, the Aldermen created a new management commission to guide the operations of Channel 20.

Channel 20 as you know, has been blue-screen forever. It has been reserved for the use of government and schools for information dispersal other than public opinion.
Public opinion programs are broadcast on the Public Access channel 23.

The new commission, Kingston Area Government & Education (KAGE) will be 5 members of the community, two from Kingston Consolidated, two citizens from the City of Kingston and one member of the Rondout School District. Superintendent Gerard Gretzinger is expected to be the first appointee.

The Kingston school curriculum already incorporates broadcast journalism as an elective and has an equipped studio that produces closed circuit programs on campus. This will open the programs to the subscribers of TWC in the 7 town district. This will also provide an opportunity for the towns and the city to air their municipal meetings.

The placement of members to the commission will be the responsibility of the Mayor and members must live in the viewing district. Quorum for doing business is three members and financial support will be through public funding.

Meanwhile Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) struggles on without municipal support, strictly for political reasons of course. Commissioners, producers and supporters are searching the area for a new home.

It will happen! Channel 23 live programs will be back and the public service will resume. I just wish my colleagues on the council were as supportive as I am.


Anonymous said...

Will the connection of Channel 20 to TWC be ready when school starts?
The Teams and the bands practice during the summer, so some of the talent is ready on day one.

Away games would be nice to see on TV as well.


Mike Madsen said...

Carl; The Council will vote on the Commission formation This coming Tuesday. Afte the Mayor signs it, TWC gets the OK to hook-up the connection to the school's studio, where ever it develops.

In time, the school officials hinted that the broadcast journalism classes would end up in the Carnegie Building on Broadway. That would provide better access for municipal programs.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- What is the real delay- we continue to talk about limited shows- limited live, yet the Commission is allowing a Producers committee to establish the leadership- one meeting following the KPA meeting and no word since- Hopefully we can again meet with the Fire Chief and Fire Inspector prior to the Board itself going on vacation.
glad to hear that the CC will establish the commission to set up Ch 20- We had that worked out during my brief tenure on the CC as well as funding for the KPA- Now 2 1/2 years later still no channel 20 nor public funding. The funds from the user fee franchise tax is from the viewers and not the general public. But this argument or debate can be said for both sides.
As an elected oficial and member of the CC and the liason alderman to the KPA- I urge and implore thee to get the station back on the air. LIVE! The public misses the lively shows.
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

Sounds like more censorship and control by the "in" crowd.

robb kinnin said...

sign me up for KAPA and KAGE!