Friday, July 04, 2008


I am proud to be an American. I have always believed that I was fortunate to be born here and raised in a society that values liberty, equal rights, individuality and personal opportunity.

Even with her minor flaws, which we all chatter about daily, I wouldnt live anywhere else.

We celebrate the brave acts of our founding fathers who severed the ties to England. Essentially setting us on our own path, with plenty of room to grow and mature. Many people have struggled, sacrificed and lost thier lives since then to secure America's promissing future. Im sure you join me in my deepest grattitude toward those men & women.
So while most of us join family and friends for BBQ and beer, remember, a young colonial experiment called Democracy took hold on this soil back when no-one even knew the word.

We still have some growing up to do, but am I glad to be here.

Celebrate your Independence safely.


Anonymous said...

We sometimes forget. Learn your American History well. Finish school and follow your dreams.

We are living in progressive times as we witness a black man, a woman and an 80 year old POW run for president. You can say someday, "I voted that year way back when".History is unfolding around us.

Anonymous said...

There was a big article in the papers about Bush welcoming a large group of new citizens into our American community. These new brothers and sisters are prime examples of our most cherrished asset.
These people followed due process and should be most proud of themselves. Now that's American pride. We still offer the greatest hope for the world.
Now if only all immigrants would demonstrate the same pride while living here. Sign in or go home.

Tracy G