Saturday, July 12, 2008


On a sunny Saturday afternoon, such as this one, what would you do?

Well, I read on Jeremy's Blog that Assemblyman Ball was having a fundraiser BBQ in Patterson NY. So I called Blaber and said, lets go!

A 55 minute drive, we got there, and to my suprize, it was a joint fundraiser for the NRA. I! Something for my resume'.

Anyway, Ball is considered the most conservative member of the Assembly. He has pushed issues that havent been embraced by either party and is poling 3 to 1 against an oponent in a Republican primary.

What brought me to this event? I saw some clips on YouTube from a rally he had pertaining to the Illegal Alien work station in his district. I agree with a number of his points, as do many of my colleagues here in Kingston. It's not a partisan issue.

Jeremy and I were welcomed, no-one was shot, and we enjoyed the country band during our 2 hour visit. I wish Greg Bell the best in his challenge for re-election in November.
Matt (pictured right) is doing a great job as campaign manager and we expect to see him in an elected position himself very soon.

This will make some friends of mine upset, but hey, youve got to support what you believe in.


Anonymous said...

Although Ball is far from progressive, it shows that you are open to meet people of different stripes. I see that you share some ideas regarding Illegal Immigration and gun ownership, but dont get too cozy with these guys. They arent very friendly with LGBT and non-religious people.

Anonymous said...

In an IDEAL world the "us v. them" mentality would go by the wayside...

In a world where the quote "know thine enemy" applies... one must walk into the lion's den sometimes anyhow...

In THIS world (I think) - the truth lies (pun intended...) somewhere betwix the two...

So, what the hey?

I sure can't figure it all out = amd I don't expect many people can!

I'm glad you and J had a good time!

But I would probably echo the "be careful" noted up above...


Anonymous said...

The Work Station in Brewster was a discussion that the local government said NO. Ball had nothing to do with it and it was never on the table to happen.

Ball has a tendency to TWIST the facts.