Friday, July 11, 2008


I just thought to post some pictures from this Friday's Childrens Day Parade here in Kingston.

I didnt see many of the Ward Nine residents along the street so I thought to take pictures and let you all see the kids and their parents having fun. (101 dalmations pictured left)

The parade starts at Andrew St and ends at the Kingston Plaza where the carnival is set up as the reception.

The city busses offer free rides back to midtown east for those who parked in the school area. But the effor tis worth it.

Fire engines and DARE officers as well as local churches and youth groups all made their way down Broadway. (finding Nemo pictured right)

For those who know what a good walk through town can do for you, I make the most of it and walk back, but not without seeing the parade that follows.

Here is one video of the participants in mid-parade:


Anonymous said...

Is it true that the City taxpayers pay for the setup, clean up and fire and police overtime for this event but the "proceeds" go to the Gold Shield Society?

Anonymous said...

For the Kids - let's raise school lunch prices to make it more expensive to eat on campus - then let's pay for adminstrators event at Mohonk