Saturday, July 26, 2008


Eight pounds of pot! Do you know what a bag of pot like that must look like? How do you acquire the nerve to drive around town with a bag like that?

U R G E N T snagged another drug dealer in Saugerties this past Friday night. The amount of the undercover sale is what shocks me. I’m sure the Narcotics Team was eager to get anyone this brazen off the street.

The dealer, Andrew Bruno, drove up from Poughkeepsie, and once the deal was made, was arrested and charged with possession and sale of marijuana. They seized about $1,400 in cash and a 1999 BMW 740i. Not a bad day’s work!

I’m sure the car will fetch a good price at auction and proceeds will go toward drug use prevention through some school programs.

Either way, the public should be aware that drugs are everywhere and come from Poughkeepsie, Newberg and NYC on a daily basis.

Eventually the dealers get caught, but after selling death to how many of our kids?

Thank you U R G E N T for your continued service.


Anonymous said...

Who helped this guy put all the pot in the car? That is what I would like to know...

Let's take this on up the ladder, eh? THAT would SURELY prove interesting, don't ya' think?

Good work URGENT. Even though I'm for legalizing marijuana (No, I'm NOT a user!) - the law is the law -and this WAS quite a load!

Plus, until pot is legalized, if ever, who really knows (unless put through analysis) what chemicals, etc. might be mixed in with it?

Good job.



Anonymous said...

Oh get over it. He didn't kill a baby or molest a child. That is the people we should be forming tasks forces over - not POT dealers.

Anonymous said...

Madsen working overtime to hide comments about overtime.

Mike Madsen said...

hey 3:32, you send numerous five word comments about the same two administrative topics, even during the Artie Traum tribute and the AIDS article.

Its a little tired.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should sell subscriptions or just censor certain individuals or just harass them with your comments. I write pithy one liners all over your blog on subjects not pertaining to the post every day, and you never publish them.

Anonymous said...

This guy was the owner of Staatsburg Motors and had recently screwed quite a number of consumers on used car sales. Some are still waiting for their title and registrations after 4 month. Gee, think he paid the auto auction or used the money for drugs, lol Good job!! I'm glad what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

hey anyone know how to get ahold of this guy or know where he lives....besides jail lol? I have a judgement on this guy who screwed me over on a vehicle I bought from him. Any info would be great and I hope this loser sits in jail. Anyone also know what hes facing?

Anonymous said...

8 lbs is not a lot, you could fit it in a big back pack if needed.
hes just trying to make a buck.. no harm