Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Blackwater Diversifies to Protect Itself.

Articles in the AP are hinting that Blackwater is planning to refocus its operations to prepare for a shift in the market; the securities market.

Blackwater is looking to aviation, logistics, and security training, even though the security work has earned the firm hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts since 9/11.

Erik Prince, the company's founder and CEO, told the AP in several interviews that despite the company being a constant magnet for controversy and the subject of negative news coverage, he still defends its “shoot-first-ask-questions-later” reputation.
He states that much of the good that the company does is overshadowed by the bad rap.

Blackwater operators have been at the center of a number of questionable incidents over the years. Last September's shooting in Baghdad, Its aviation branch, Presidential Airways lost one of its planes in Afghanistan because its pilot took the plane on a low altitude joyride and then there’s Blackwater's shadowy sister company, Greystone, which has scoured the Third World for discount soldiers who act like thugs in uniform.

Don’t think they’re hurting just yet: Presidential Airways has snagged at least three Pentagon contracts, worth close to $160 million, to provide its services in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.
Our very own State Department has renewed Blackwater's contract to provide security to diplomats in Iraq. Great!

The Washington Post announced yesterday: "Iraq Points to Pullout in 2010". Prince probably sees the writing on the wall and he’s plotting a graceful exit strategy. For the perceived image damage Blackwater has done for the US, falling profit margins is not enough of a punishment for the mercenary hunting party he has created. Bad things happen with the American flag embroidered on their uniforms.

The world community doesn’t see the difference between Erik Prince’s trigger happy punks and our proud military personnel.

They want to build planes and abandon the sniper profession, fine by me.

Here is a short YouTube documentary from last year. Not much has changed.


Anonymous said...

I truly find this group and their current missions to be a dangerous para-military arm of our government that could well morph into some global Pinkerton enterprise that comes back to haunt us.
The governed should always be the indirect command of it's law enforcement thru its elected officials.
This smacks of the SS troopers in recent Facists States and is the polar opposite of the democracy we claim to be exporting. Even without any incidents of misuse of power and even with a perfect track record, this is way out of line!!!!
Just wait till this comes home to roost? What do you think they are going to want to do? Guard the shopping malls? Work as school crossing guards? I don't think so.

Always remember when you create a monster, you may just end up living with it...smitty

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. I recommend that others watch the video clip as well... This is SERIOUS business... and we need to (as a country) regain some legal powers over groups (and the individuals in groups) such as this!

Why should they earn more than U.S. troop? Their advanced training? I think not. Give our troops advanced training - pay THEM more - and keep them under the same laws as all other soldiers!

I'm against war unless it is absolutely warrented to PROTECT our nation. And if any "mercenaries" (sp?) are needed, I would say that comes in (still subjected to national and international laws like everyone else) ONLY in the DIRECT pursuit of bin Ladin (sp?) and his closest affiliates.

This is a scary group, and if I recall this right (I will look it up) they have had serious support from some right wing RADICAL (this indicates a proportion, not all!) Christian groups!

Going into Aviation you say?

THAT would certainly be a good thing to examine VERY CLOSELY as well!!!!!

BTW, Do WE want folks like this in our towns, cities, country????? I would think (HOPE and EVEN PRAY!) NOT !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Prince, like Bush/Cheney, should be brought up on charges. The continued atrocities across the middle east by our private contractors go unfettered while we struggle to build positive relations with the Muslim community.
One step forward, two steps back.

Anonymous said...

For more on this issue and their abuses [charging our govt $1,227 a day per security guard at events] check out Sen. Webb's new book A TIME TO FIGHT...smitty

Anonymous said...

Like Spada, Oliveri and Zweben and Aaron - anything for a taxpayer buck