Sunday, July 20, 2008


I know a lot of doll collectors in Kingston. Tonner’s distribution and manufacturing outlets in the Kingston area makes most of them swoon every time some new doll is revealed, but the queen of all dolls is still Barbie.
Barbie's always been the girl-next-door type. The cheerleader, prom queen or farmer's daughter you'd bring home to meet your folks. Definitely not the kind of girl you would want to dominate you with nipple clamps.

That's probably why people are up in arms about Mattel's new "Black Canary Barbie," which comes equipped with fishnets, a motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots.

Mattel claims the new Barbie is modeled after the DC comic superhero Black Canary.
That doesn’t stop people from protesting and trying to block its September release.
Upon a little research, I found some history on Black Canary. (pictured right)

The Black Canary's courage, fighting prowess, and her sex appeal has resulted in her being referred to as "The Blonde Bombshell" in the comic world.Kidnapped and tortured, before being rescued by Green Arrow, left her with severe physical and mental afflictions. She and Green Arrow would have major conflicts in their relationship as a result of her struggles.

I pulled this one Wikipedia definition on this DC Comic Heroin:
Black Canary's name is derived from the seedy bar she works in; the clothes she wears while tending the bar comprise her costume. The male patrons of the bar relentlessly harass her verbally. Deciding that she has finally had enough, Black Canary beats up all of the male patrons in the bar. When her boss asks her what got into her, she simply replies "Batman," and then leaves the scene on a motorcycle stolen from one of the men she has just battered.

Welcome to the brave new world of abuse recovery therapy Barbie.

Next up:

Pooper scooper Barbie.

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Next up - DPW barbies and Jimbo?