Monday, July 14, 2008


So, David Paterson is already raising funds for his 2010 race. His campaign committee said Sunday that it raised more than $3.2 million in just over two months.
With most of the funds coming from more than 600 donors, we see that “big money” people have invested in Paterson’s reelection already.

Jonathan Rosen, his campaign spokesman said “Most of the money was raised at small events over the past several weeks.”

I guess this puts to rest any questions about his intent to run for Governor on his own. In an interview on NPR last week, Alan Chartock, the station director, said Paterson will have a tough time if Bloomberg jumps in and that he feels Mike would do a better job.

Paterson, The Harlem Democrat rose from the lieutenant governor's office on March 17, after Eliot Spitzer resigned.

I would like to see if Tom Golisano contributed to the campaign and what he thinks of the Governors management style. This is the year Tom has decided to contribute to changing the way New York is represented.
The no-nonsense billionaire has run and failed for this position himself, and knows Dave is vulnerable, but will he convince Bloomberg to jump in next year?

That’s the kind of race the whole country will be watching.

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