Monday, July 07, 2008


Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, a former Democratic presidential contender, said some comments recently regarding McCain’s military record.

As a supporter of Obama for President, he was speaking about the qualifications of either candidate and where military experience plays a part.

Pointing out that that McCain spent a considerable amount of time in a POW camp during the years of service isn’t the same as leading troops into combat, managing the war funding and being responsible for the lives of thousands of soldiers in war and peace time.

As a still bitter supporter of Hilary Clinton, I figured I would just watch the national race and work on the locals, but this is where I defend Wesley Clark.

We got to see his credentials twice, in two prior attempts at this race, and through poor management in both cases, he was eliminated early. However, with 38 years in the Army and significant experience through the ranks, Clark has the right to say McCains experience in the military doesn’t necessarily qualify him for Commander-in-Chief.

I like General Clark, had he been a choice and not Hilary, I would have campaigned for him. Obama may still pick him as VP, we don’t know. But I might get involved if Hilary or Wesley were on the ticket.

The Freeman has a similar take on this issue in Monday’s edition. They quoted Obama “Sen. McCain endured physical torment in service to our country and no one should ever devalue that service”

I agree with the editorial staff, that DEVALUE is a strong interpretation, but I suppose Barack had to attempt to squelch this potentially hazardous attack from the right. The instant reaction from McCain supporters, with the feigned shock and exaggerated dismay is fun to watch. Considering the military experience they touted with George AWOL Bush Jr. BACK IN 2000.


Anonymous said...

Gore would have benefitted from Wesley Clark on his ticket in 2000 rather than that weasel Liberman.

What a shame that no-one learns these lessons. Im not sold on Obama, but I dont trust McCain.

Tell me when its OK to climb out of my basement.

Anonymous said...

Considering the cast of characters we have to pick from every election cycle, Wesley Clark, by all counts, should have been the fron runner in 2004.

I couldnt bring myself to vote for president that year. I liked Gore though. But look at Liberman today....close call people.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- Unable to totally comprehend why former General Clark would make these comments. Yet, today's Freeman has a well written article by one of their chosen which states that McCains military background is similar to that of Obama being a civilian whose qualifications are two years in the Senate. Great comparisons. But one that most Americans will find faulty in view of the position taken by Clark. I Still believe that McCain will move to the center, while Obama moves well right of his original left stance. It is almost the election season- almost- the candidates haven't even been approved by their Party caucus- Wait until the real season begins in September.
Too bad the Kingston Public Access TV is not yet back on the air to discuss these electrifying issues.
Shelly z

Anonymous said...

Over and above the politics of it all, and I have deep respect for Mr. McCain as a person, there are some real issues around the after effects of individuals with PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder] and their decision making ability or lack thereof.

In light of our current leaders and their SBS [spoiled brat syndrome], I find it a valid concern...smitty