Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It wasn’t the best scene to approach Tuesday afternoon, but I happened upon the recovery of a man found on Delaware avenue, who fell down the forgotten train tracks below.

Fire Trucks, police officers and a coroner. Never a good sign.

Identified as Billy Joe Mack, from Pt Ewen; Mack fell down the secluded drop onto the track below when he was seperated from family and friends observing the fireworks on the 9W overpass.
There’s something that affects you personally when you witness the retrieval of someone’s loved one from a sad demise.

Sure I took a few pictures, but to see the many crews working together, taking such care of the deceased and securing the site, it brings you back to reality. Frankly, our mortality. Anything can happen at any time. We tend to forget that while we carry on our lives.

Det Tim Matthews told the Freeman: "We believe it was accidental, there’s no sign of foul play”

The missing-person report about Mack came in around 2:30 am .Monday at the Highland State barracks and they informed the Kingston Department shortly after.

The Mayors Task force did a terrific job in the aftermath of the discovery, More will be done on both sides of the intersection to trim and remove brush that hides safety issues.

My sympathy goes out to the Mack family for their loss.


Anonymous said...

Very tragic - unfortunately another lawsuit because of City negligence of it's assets.

Anonymous said...

Yes,it is tragic,my heart goes out to the family,but now i'm really starting to get pissed off(sorry mike).The family hasn't had time to mourn their loss yet and all the armchair lawyers just can't wait to give their opinions.