Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thursday’s boat ride with the Mayor was fun. Sure it was a warm evening, but the river breeze howling through the boat made it a comfortable experience.

Everyone was in good spirits, the food was good and the crowd was ready to dance on the upper deck.

This year, a portion of the money raised will go to the Children’s Home of Kingston. As reported in the Freeman, the cruise raised about $14,000, with at least $2,500 of the total earmarked for the Home. Located on Grove St in Ponkhockie, the donation will offset the cost of capital improvement projects at their campus.

I invited Larry Delarose, the NY State Senate candidate, to this years event. Sharing the spotlight with Mike Hein, Elliot Auerbach and Jim Noble as the Mayor read the list of attending notables, we all experienced a positive applause this year.

What a difference a year makes.

With pictures of happy faces on and off the boat, you get to see what you missed this year.

Many thanks to Jim, Jim, the Rip staff and those who help make this happen year after year.

Its a rare chance to mix and mingle without policy issues as the cause.

And what better place to gather than downtown Kingston on a hot summer night?


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness no U Tube films showed up like last year.

Mike Madsen said...

I noticed, at the Mariner's reception, that many patrons pointed to and waved at the camera over the back bar. Its almost a landmark of its own.

So everyone who remembers last years reception was on their best behavior in front of the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to both Jims and all who participated for their donation to the Childrens Home.
Along with all the trash talk it is a Class Act with too little recognition especially on these Blogs.
Who was it said "Bad news will walk half way round the world before Good news even gets its shoes on."...smitty

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the taxpayers whose money is given away by Sottile to selective bidders, etc... Jimmy gets it back for his campaign to give away like it's his money

Mike Madsen said...

Ok, tell me. There's one or two of you who just sit there at the computer and make negative comments about Kingston regardless of the subject on the blogs.

I could post about jarring pickles, and you'd chime in about Sottile or some trip to Mohonk.

Get out of your house, get some fresh air and friends and get a life.

Anonymous said...

Yo Mike - just so ya' know, I didn't write anything NEG on this thread - and - in fact - thanked M. Sottile (re. the funds for the Children's home) over on my blog!

I do, however, resent you finding a person's tender spot and sticking a toothpick in it...

And... I DO wonder what gives you the right to judge another person's life (when you so hate, understandably, it being done to you) in such manner?

I might be personalizing things where I shouldn't be... who knows?
But this comment is valid either way.

BTW, some people (and there are a lot of them in Kingston!) can't afford to go on cruises; to big buck fund raisers and benefits; etc.

Does this have to do with choices? Personality deficits? Predestination? Programming?

Who (overall...) knows?


It is (amongst the addicts, etc) FAMILIES that are hurting in Kingston, NY.

Grandmothers and fathers trying to stay afloat AND help their grandchildren... Fathers and mothers trying to stay afloat AND help their children... People whose responsibilities, family-wise, extend beyond themselves!

"Get a life," you say?

That is rude and mean - at best. And I would expect better than that from you!


Mike Madsen said...

NS, you are kidding right?
you Author everything you post. Thats the point.

If you have something to say, agree or disagree, everyone can respect that because you affirm your beliefe simply by connecting your name to the opinion. Just like this one.

I applaud anyone who has the spine to author their opinion. Go anywhere and find this Blog opportunity that you and I have and see how many shadow opinions there are with the intent to hurt without recourse.

You and I have such a spine. Cherrish it.

Anonymous said...


For good or bad, anonymity is the "safer" choice - so I don't disparage those who choose it...

I am very sensitive and tend to personalize too much... so my apologies for where I was off base...

Anyhow, it inspired me to do some writeups about depression, anxiety disorders and such over on my blog ( - so something good (I think) came out of it.



Anonymous said...

I used to Author my comments. That was until some arrogant a-hole (anonymous, btw) started calling me out. Asking about where I work. Posting my home address. Making light of my cancer, telling me I got it because of my lifestyle. People get pretty nasty out here, and for opinionated guys like me, who hold on to ideals not in line with 'progressive' ideals, it can get pretty dangerous.

I author on the dailyfreeman, because, one, personal attacks are NOT ALLOWED. And two, there is a trail back to the poster.

Joe Bubel

Anonymous said...

Maybe anonymous has time to start his own blog?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor has already asked his bud at the DA's office and has traced these postings via the new County employee/Carnright campaign worker/retired FBI agent- nothing is anonymous.

It gets better - the traces are traceable - so when the house of cards fall - all these public servants promoting and conducting illegal searches will be disciplined by some pal judge and their sentences will be paid leaves and benefits at taxpayer expense.

Joe Bubæl said...

8:11, traceable? To an extent. Yes, we can get your IP address. But if you drive up to a McDonalds WiFi, or the Thruway WiFi, it's the same as dropping a dime in a phone booth. Unless someone sees you, you ARE completely anonymous. MAC addresses USED to be unique, and burned into the network cards. But more recent cards allow changes to its MAC. Called MAC Spoofing.

This is why, unless you are searching the internet for the ingredients to your favorite apple pie, or looking for answers on home plumbing, you can't trust what you read. Well, except at Kingston Progressive, of course. :-)

Bio Metrics! That's the solution to ending things like online harrassment, which plaque the schools and blogosphere.