Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This seems to be the summer for large excavation equipment in our city.
Most of which had been approved by the Council and Planning Board.
All of it exciting to witness.

I took some pictures of specific locations where commercial development is happening.

The corner of Broadway and E Chester has been a cause for unrest for many people in the Ward Nine area, because the project required the removal of the Trolley Barn and the Walgreens that is planned for the property will increase traffic. But, with soil samples complete, these large earth movers have cleared the way for the engineers.

At another corner, Foxhall and Hasbrouck, we see the machines scraping the soil off the rock ridge and the sidewalks being formed for the proposed Women’s Health Center behind Kingston Hospital.

The structure will incorporate some of the existing parking lot above, but the on-sight access connected to the Hospital is well worth those spaces lost. It will be interesting to see how a brick building right on the corner will affect the traffic patterns here, but we all overcome the changes brought about by progress.

The key thing here is, one of them will be a source of commecial tax revenue. In a big way. The other: a needed service that cannot be measured in dollars.


Anonymous said...

Is the parking garage complete now?If it is then why is the sign on north front still there saying free shuttle service in the plaza.

Mike Madsen said...

The plans for the former garage include Kiosk Portals in several locations. They will be installed soon.
Also, there must be a steel staircase ordered for the N Front St access. I see bo other way that merchants and customers would use the lot without one.

Anonymous said...

Since the Trolley Barn is forever gone, I have now become impatient with the slow action at the Chester St corner.
Build it, collect the tax revenue, lighten up the area at night, and maybe do for public safety what KPD cant.


Anonymous said...

I was worried about the hospital merger and the threat of losing all the secular 21st century health practices in the Kingston area.
When I heard about the out-building for OB/GYN and pregnancy options, I expected resistance from the fundies, but thankfully, they are breaking ground for the facility.
I hadnt been by there in months, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get too excited - one opens - two close. Jimbo is certainly filling his pockets with campaign contributors work - while no paving gets done until he can juggle the bids to his buddies benefit.

Anonymous said...

Mike if you allow more posts against the corrupt Sottile - ambulance company payoff, selective enforcement of buildings codes - you will be shut down like Ricters and KPA. Enjoy your moment.