Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yes! The Planning board met last Monday July 14th.

One applicant, Kamran Khan, presented the board with a plan to redevelope the corner Mobile Station on Henry and Broadway. It is a dramatic proposal for an area that most feel is neglected.

So I followed the discourse. The owner, Cheekam King, intends to build a Convenience Mart type of building on the adjoining lot on Henry. The little Kiosk you see in the picture will be raised and the parking will increase.

The Planning Board gave the "Go-Ahead" and initiated the paperwork to begin the project.
I like it, actually. Its an agressive and daring investment for the area. It will be open about 20 hours/day and releive some of the traffic We see around W Chester St all night long.

Building will be under way shortly, and hope to be open by March.

Note: Sales Tax and Property Tax will be generated.
Can somebody say Hallelujah?


Anonymous said...

Any sales tax generated will be lost by another retailer selling the same products? Nothing new - for the politicians to spend - taxpayers don't get too excited.

Mike Madsen said...

Has anyone noticed that the same comment posts loaded with negativity are showing up on all the local blogs?

I tend to accept half of the silly "off topic" comments, but it's getting tired.

Theres a short list of commenters who provide authorship. I always publish comments with a name attatched, pro or con, but the quick snippets toward the administration, over and over are looking pretty childish.

Thanks for stopping in.

Anonymous said...

If you are truly content with our state of affairs and direction for the future maybe you should censor expressions to the contrary?

and you should apologize to all the veterans and their families for sacrificing to preserve our freedoms.