Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Kingston Area Public Access Producers met at the Muddy Cup Tuesday evening to brain-storm on options for the continual service of KAPA.
About 20 producers showed for a one hour gathering and we came up with some ideas.

First, weve set up a Yahoo Group to communicate better amongst ourselves, then after review of the closure events and the landlords refusal to modify the basement for C of O, we set out with homework assignments.

Everyone is looking for an alternative space to the hole were in now. Any landlord who would offer a space to FOPA, could write off the loss because of the 501(c)3 status.

TWC is willing to move our broadcast cable again and is contemplating housing the "RACK" at their Pt Ewn location if wee asked.

I set out to speak with Mike LeFever, building inspector regarding using tapes from the Sterling location. After the conversation, I was given the OK to write up the proposal and thus, open the studio for taped programming. I will develope the language for him with the stipulation that one producer is urged to stay clear of the city employees and will not be a tape designate.

Anyone who knows of a storefront or office space (not in a basement) where the landlord is worthy of respect, let me know. Time is wasting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug and the extra work, Mike.
I hope this all plays out positive as soon as possible...smitty

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. B.S. has hit on a possibility (Broadway, Kingston). for a temp. studio. Give him a call...

Anonymous said...

Who's the one producer to be banned? Cosme?

Anonymous said...

Keep KPA closed - The expensive school district excursion at Mohonk would have been reported the same week they are discouraging on campus lunches by raising prices instead of getting donations to lower them.

The Good ol Boys like KPA closed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report, but the KPA action plan and deadlines are not at all clear.

Did the Tuesday meeting Answer these questions?

1) When will tape shows resume, ie.
July 25, Aug 3?

2) When will live shows resume, ie.
July 25, Aug 3?

It is MUCH easier and cheaper to fix the problem at the present studio than to move the studio.

There is an exit to the outdoors adjacent to the studio. All we have to do is to label the path to the EXIT and educate the list of producers.

Do you get my point?
We have to approach Mike Lefevre and Mr.Salzman, by saying we are planning to start tape shows and live shows by Aug 1, what do we have to do?

When is the next KPA producers meeting?

We producers are in the business of doing public access shows. We are not in the business of having meetings and taking minutes. Let's have some action and some results.

Mike Madsen said...

The current plan, is put together a volunteer list for the M-Th 6-10 shifts and the day shifts for Sat & Sun.

The schedule is forming and the proposal will be offered to Mike Lefever. At that time, all the producers who create their recorded programs will be shown.

Get them to the designated assistant for that evening and they will be AIRed.

The landlord has no intention of doing anything to insure our basement presence. If you feel that Public Access is worthy of only basement offerings, youre in the wrong field.

Everyone is working toward a better place. A location less depressing perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Let the individual producers play their own tapes. The volunteer plan is too onerous on the volunteers. An individual producer has as much right to have access to the deck space as any of the volunteers. In summary, the volunteer plan is silly, since it introduces a middleman where you don't need one.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- As an appointed commissioner nonminee, I am against a Producer group establishing anything but guidance for the KPA. It is up to the Commissioners to get the station back on the air ASAP- There are now NO sane reasons that the station is not back an up and running. If we can air shows that are taped, then we can also use the same area to actually do live shows. At this time, it is unfortunate that many of the local citizens still believe that the current admnistration is behind the delay. But again 42% of our population still believe that Iraq was behind the 9/11 terorist attack on the Towers. Oh well- peoplez be people. But it is time to stop the games. The studio is a studio and not a TV station. We do not need a special CO- A station is one that transmits to the world. Our studio sends a signal to TC who in turn sends it out. There have been several contractors and electricians willing to do the work without charge- including time, efort and materials- Thus the question? Why is the station still off the air? Many now believe it to be political. Alderman Mike: say it ain't So!
take care
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

Maybe a regular "If People only Knew" article existed - better decisions would be made.