Thursday, July 03, 2008


Did you think I would let Tom Hoffay and AnnMarie DiBella get the only press on this? When the Walgreens on Broadway is finally complete, we will be saturated. Drug Store saturated.

Sure, the general population is getting older, but this is overkill.

Jim, we need to excite the masses with a multi-modal transportation hub, right here within our city limits. Our only two choices are the former parking garage and this corner next to Trailways. (pictured above)

With City Bus, UCAT and the Commercial bus companies all focused on one location, the service will increase in efficiency and that will be the draw. Convenience to our Uptown Business District will be a plus, and frankly, anything we do with that Washington Ave corridor would be an improvement.

The State Grant for traffic flow from the Traffic Circle to Lucas Ave. is still in the works and must include this corner of development.

Granted; Utility Platers has been dormant for years and the Diagnostic Center has been screaming to be developed since they moved. But why a CVS? Do we really need another CVS? I know we need more commercial tax base to help with revenue, but just how many Pharmacies do we need?

On that note: The former Sheriff HQ on Schwenk Drive, is now Ulster Federal Credit Union. It’s on the tax rolls! Wait, I'll say it again...It's on the tax rolls!

When fully assessed, it will bring in the same revenue as the CVS proposed for Wash Ave, Who knew?

So lets slow down, look at the big picture, and have patience with the state’s traffic research. It will happen.


Anonymous said...

Why do State and Federal studies take years? We get the impression that government only serves to keep government in business with much of what it does for "us".

I bet a corporate chain like CVS already knows the traffic flow, financial impact on the area and the demographic of who would be served. The CEOs want to know all that before reaching out to planning.

Anonymous said...

With all the space out by the roundabout, why wouldnt you want the terminal out there?
The entrance of our city has been ignored by the town that owns it, we look like some kick farm community until you drive in a little.
The Ulster controlled entrance needs something spectacular. Who decides where the trans-hub will go? Does the public have any say?

Anonymous said...

the more the merrier- just a matter of months or years until they commence housing doctors in their stores in a similar fashion as Walgreens- New program of 2008- Walgreens here on the slow pace- probably not until 2010- hey suggestion to Kingston Hospital and Bendedictine- open your pharmacies to the public-
just my three cents
Shelly Z

J C Deming said...

Why are we even considering a CVS here without a comprehensive City Plan? FIRST we need a plan. Then we refer to said plan. We ask "Does THE PLAN call for a pharmacy?" "In this district?" If the plan doesn't, then what does it call for? Perhaps a much-needed Transportation Center? LET'S GET WITH THE PLAN!!!!
And, by the way, let's support our heritage, the long term residents who have supported us so well, and not thumb our noses at Neko's Dedricks.

Anonymous said...

I sat down last week and counted how many pharmacies in our area. There are 9 pharmacies established with Walgreens building stalled on Broadway. Not to mention Port Ewen Pharmacy which isn't that far away. But the real concerned is how this proposed CVS will destroy the landscape of Uptown Kingston. Didn't we learn anything with the building of the "Glass Menagerie" of the Ulster County Building? I have traveled to a lot of small cities and have seen BIGBOX pharmacies that have left the premises and left an eyesore of an empty building. Lets call them what they are: A cheesy convenience store that just happens to sell drugs. If I trip over another crappy aisle display it will be too soon.

sleepjunky said...

Just found about the CVS moving in today - and so came across your blog. (Nice find!) A CVS is the last thing we need in Uptown.