Friday, July 25, 2008


There was a meeting Tuesday morning from 10am to noon regarding the Inter-Modal Transport Terminal that the City & County have been developing for months.

I, as Traffic Committee Chair, attended the meeting in hopes to better understand the county and state plans for the future traffic management along the Washington corridor.

How people are moved, treated, and long term car storage handled, have an impact on the traffic safety in the uptown & plaza neighborhood.

With representatives from the UCAT, Trailways, UC Economic Dev, Chairman Donaldson and orchestrated by Dennis Doyle, the meeting reviewed the final three locations proposed for the terminal.

Without ruling the Schwenk Drive/Plaza location out, we saw artistic renderings of several styles. Each specified to either the Wash Ave site @ Schwenk or the Round-a-bout site in Ulster.
When the final choice is made and the State signs off on the plan, then we will know what amount of funding the Fed and State will offer and what portion the City and/or County will cover.

Just another mid-day meeting to fill my otherwise empty day.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the scale of the buildings in the proposals.
Is Ulster County worthy of such a spectacle?
And what were you doing at a meeting in the middle of the day, dont you have a job?

Anonymous said...

The situation with CVS, do we know what to expect at that site? Do they own the Utility Platers site or not?
Have members of the committee discussed Eminent Domain if that site is the optimum choice?
Did CVS buy that land as a prospect through an insider tip?

Nobody acts in a vacuum with such financial consequences.


Anonymous said...

Is the current terminal in bad disarray? Aren't there some less expensive (these look pretty space-agey..) options out there?

Beautiful, but...

The city IS in an economic downswing... and it seems like there is a time (not now) and a place (why is across the street better?) for everything...

Just thoughts. I'm no expert on this stuff (I'm more concerned with people getting their basic needs met) - that is for sure.


Anonymous said...

do we really need a nicer building for the filth to hang out in?
Shut down the buses that are flooding us with degenerates, dont build them a new house