Wednesday, July 30, 2008


There has been a relentless push for Congress to have hearings regarding the actions of Karl Rove. The man who preferred the political shadows has become an icon for those who long for a legislative enema in DC.

With the House Judiciary Committee holding hearings Wednesday through Friday on the Bush administration’s use of executive privilege, public pressure is building to urge the committee to jail Karl Rove, the Bush White House political maestro.

A coalition of organizations gathered more than 125,000 signatures on a petition calling on the committee to hold Rove in contempt for his refusal to obey its subpoena. This current surge in support and subsequent press have caused even more progressive groups to get involved, including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, The Nation, Campaign for America's Future, Progress Now, and People for the American Way.

Linda Sanchez (D-CA), who sits on the Judiciary, was impressed by the sheer number of signatures. "I think it's ridiculous that Karl Rove thinks that he doesn't have to follow the law," Sanchez said. "And nobody in this country should be above the law."

Anyone watching cable news and following political Blogs over the last 7 years are familiar with the slimy tactics that Rove & Company have used against their opponents. What isn’t known is the extent that corruption has played in every campaign for decades. Rove has mastered the art of slime.

So here’s the question; What do you think Democrats on the hill will do now that there’s a public movement to take action? We all accept that Rove is the worst kind of weasel out there. His contempt is amplified because no one has the balls to take him down in the court of law, and he knows it, which fuels his arrogance.

But, he has enough dirty laundry on our legislators to scare them into silence. DC is awash with special interest money that never has a problem finding a deep pocket and many of those pockets are located on both sides of the aisle. Besides, what if the hearings lead to his indictment, the President will just let him off the hook. We’ve seen it before. The rich and the powerful never get justice served to them.

You do have the opportunity to take part in the effort to hold Rove accountable. The campaign to
Send Karl Rove to Jail is easy to access and like I said before, it has picked up momentum. Check out the website, get a refresher course on the mounting evidence against him and pass on the link.

Town Boards and City Councils from coast to coast work their tails off at the municipal level, gathering financial scraps to keep their perspective townships in the black, only to have the mucky-mucks in Washington drag us down image-wise.

I have my doubts that you’ll ever see Rove in jail. The process is political. Every politician has something that can bring them down in Washington. And most people aren't willing to risk it all for an ideal concept in a town where the gutter is as high as it gets.


Anonymous said...

I just signed the petition and thanks for the info.
I did live in DC in the late sixties and early seventies and met some decent folks both in and out of government. Although I do agree this is where to go to get your masters or PHD in sleaze politics, but maybe with cyberspace and the internet they can be procured on line...smitty

Anonymous said...

Mike: ya hit the nail on the head- the photo of our "beloved president" with his arms around Rove, should remind us of his great comments back in Sept 2005- about his former buddy and friend, "Brownie" . So as long as we realize the system that we all subscribe to then unless an actual crime of commission would we ever see criminal charges against our leaders. So again- great find- super use of Photo Shop- now lets get our own shop in order- Get the KAPA shows both live and taped back on the air.
Shelly Z