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Sometimes I have to post something that strikes me worth sharing.

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Well, It's been quite a while since I've written a Blog Post. Much has changed since my father's passing and my dismissal from City Hall. 

With the pizzeria consuming most of my time these days, I find the need to shut down when I finally come home from work, so I have to weigh the worth of publishing my thoughts on local, state and national issues against the need for sleep.

And no, I have no intentions of running for office any time soon. So that's not the reason for rediscovering my Blog. Lets just say, I'd like to test out the impact of Independent thought regarding the issues that face our city.

See ya soon!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Of course these are the ones that didn't kill anyone and those with the rare video recordings of the incidents. 
To date, there have been more than 1,400 additional gun deaths in the USA since Newtown. That number continues to rise.


As noted on CNNMoney: President Obama on Thursday nominated Mary Jo White, a former federal prosecutor in New York, to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, the watchdog agency that monitors Wall Street and corporate financial disclosures.

Also in the article: White is best known for her nine years as the the chief federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, a territory that includes Wall Street. She built a reputation as a tough prosecutor, taking on complicated financial fraud, terrorism and organized crime. 

 All I know is from reading some of the resume' and testimony regarding her watchdog history, I think President Obama has chosen wisely. Ironically, the RWNJs are already up in arms about this nomination. This would be not only a well qualified director for the SEC, but also a woman appointee. 
My guess is she is expected to be too good at her job and therefore a threat to some who support the crazy talk from the right. Including Mr "Bad Hair Day" Donald Trump who has some history with Ms White.

Lets see if this confirmation is as smooth as John Kerry's.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Like a breath of fresh air, the Congressman from Massachusetts, James McGovern has recently offered a constitutional amendment to snuff out that traitorous decision publicly known as "Citizen's United" during this extended first day of congress. Where it goes, probably nowhere, considering the 112th and now the 113th GOP controlled House will continue to do whatever hurts Americans, so I'm not expecting the chance for an up or down vote. Still, the mere fact that this gets it's chance on the floor in daylight is still better than Virginia's redistricting vote they took in Legislative darkness last Monday. Thank you Mr Congressman.


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Published on Sep 20, 2012
"A pair of scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco has found that a compound derived from marijuana could stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer, potentially altering the fatality of the disease forever...Desprez, a molecular biologist, spent decades studying ID-1, the gene that causes cancer to spread. Meanwhile, fellow researcher Sean McAllister was studying the effects of Cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-toxic, non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant...".

Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks.


In the year since I evicted CJ & Justina, they have made a dramatic 180 turnaround in their lives.

I had taken both of them into my home over this past summer. Justina was pregnant but with complications, so I offered them space here with the understanding that they would help here in my house and compensate me for the prior expenses accrued from the eviction. They did just that.

Since I run a dry house, the opportunity to clean up the "party all day" lifestyle, was also possible. They are now both clean & sober I'm happy to say!

Living at another place now, they continue to contribute to that home, work and pay rent like everyone else. For their sake and the kids, we all hope their sober lifestyle continues. It seems my taking a chance by giving them another chance, may have worked out for everyone.



We may never know what Boener was saying to Obama, but the reaction from the First Lady is priceless. He's such a weasel.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


As you can see, the two unfunded wars by the last administration were actually a bargain compared to the stab in the back they gave Americans from the Tax Cuts. 
Why we refuse to put some of these people in jail is beyond me.


Funding and political opposition to any upgrade in test results have always been in the way of fixing our educational system in New York. So long as we underfund our public schools, we can assure that the resulting graduates, if they even graduate, will be ready to perpetuate the service industry limitations that big business conservatives advocate. How else do you explain away the constant denial of school funding across the country?

Governor Cuomo's Education Reform Commission has come out with a report that just may help. That is, unless political foes resume their tired old stance that we shouldnt fund our struggling school systems. 

Not all of the ideas are necessarily perfect or desirable, but it's such a better starting point when addressing the very issue that keeps this country's education levels below most developed countries annually. 
Longer teaching days and a longer schooling year is something we can all agree on. Just keeping students occupied during the idle afternoon hours that parents are usually still at work will certainly change the mischief factor at home.
Teacher competency exams makes perfect sense as well. Even the teacher's union endorses this one.  If you have no ability to convey standard concepts and encourage individual growth within your students, you have no business being a teacher.
In addition, I love the idea of School District consolidations. Administration costs at the top of every district adds a tremendous drain on the limited funding we have. Imagine cutting out most of the administration at the top and merging this group (large enough to occupy a small village) into one administration to handle a county wide school district? 
Picture it: Ulster County Central School System

The school buildings we are closing down today could be developed into senior housing. Actually whatever the private sector wishes to do with them so long as we sell off the property and get that property beck on the tax rolls.

The Commission's Chairman, Richard Parsons, wrote to Cuomo in the introduction of the report that “The problem New York confronts, we concluded, is how to replicate these examples of excellence in every school district in New York; how do we create a statewide system of public education that ensures that every child will have the opportunity to get an education that will enable them to achieve their true potential?”

Although I'm not so sure limiting our teacher hirings to high end scholars would be the best idea. There are terrific teachers out there who are fairly educated in their field who more than match education skills through the pure passion of teaching. You may lose that if you restrict hirings to just the elite professors out there.  

 In closing; Governor Cuomo is expected to elaborate where he wants our school system to address these issues in his State of the State. If there is enough political will and we find the funding through consolidation and property sales, we may actually see some movement on an issue that has plagued New York State for decades.


I have been asked to provide any indication that one of the awarded contractors in the program I used to manage at City Hall had given permission to re award a project to another contractor should I need to.

Is a text message enough?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


The folks in DC actually deny making any effort to promote the production of hemp as a textile for any reason. I thought everyone would enjoy this classic.