Friday, January 25, 2013


As noted on CNNMoney: President Obama on Thursday nominated Mary Jo White, a former federal prosecutor in New York, to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, the watchdog agency that monitors Wall Street and corporate financial disclosures.

Also in the article: White is best known for her nine years as the the chief federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, a territory that includes Wall Street. She built a reputation as a tough prosecutor, taking on complicated financial fraud, terrorism and organized crime. 

 All I know is from reading some of the resume' and testimony regarding her watchdog history, I think President Obama has chosen wisely. Ironically, the RWNJs are already up in arms about this nomination. This would be not only a well qualified director for the SEC, but also a woman appointee. 
My guess is she is expected to be too good at her job and therefore a threat to some who support the crazy talk from the right. Including Mr "Bad Hair Day" Donald Trump who has some history with Ms White.

Lets see if this confirmation is as smooth as John Kerry's.  

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