Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This past October 31st, I had the pleasure of serving an eviction notice to Christopher Smith and Justina Page of Kingston, NY. 
They were hold up in an apartment near the Kingston High School where they refused to leave and pretty much set out to make the landlord miserable right up to the point where the Ulster County Sheriff was about to visit.

Folks, I really don't know what it is with people who actually think it's OK to squat and ruin a living space that's not yours. Could someone please explain the mentality behind this? How are these people raised? I bet the Honey Badger has a cleaner den. 

Below are some pictures I took from the apartment once I got in to look around. Granted, I've discovered worse living quarters. Some were still occupied while I was doing estimates for the CDBG housing program last spring, but still, who would want to live like this?

Because these two left the apartment 10 hours before the actual removal by the UC Sheriff, I doubt they will make it to the KingstonLandlordSupport.com list of mayhem tenants, so make a note not to rent to either of these two in the Kingston area yourself.
I think they are up in the Saratoga area until spring.


Anonymous said...

The sense of entitlement is a deep rooted psychological problem. It comes from generations of deferring personal responsibility to deity and being surrounded by unwitting recipients of programs that enslaved them with dependency in the guise of a hand up. My initial response to this decades ago was to promote homeownership to give a sense of responsibility. Never did I envision in my writing then that greedy opportunists would abandon all common sense in processing mortgage docs that the whole initiatve spanning the political spectrum would come crashing down. Higher security deposits, rent rebate bonuses for monthly inspections.

Anonymous said...

Something that seems to be a trend in the area is the squatters purposely get shit from other places riddled with roaches in hopes to spread the little critters throughout the apartment building. Just part of what landlords take into account when renting to potential tenants.
Does anyone really wonder why there's either one or two month security expected before you step foot in any rental? This is why.