Monday, March 10, 2008


What can I add to the already insane news of Gov Eliot Spitzer that you havent heard already.

An elected official is the center of a sex scandal and the press is equating it as a reflection of his performance in the office. If Spitzer decides to stay, which is unlikely at this point, he will have to work extra hard to fix the economy in NY State to earn back the trust we gave him.

If the powers in Albany and the press send him on his way, we have Gov David Paterson at the helm. What would this mean? Granted he cant see two feet in front of him, but will he fill those empty positions that have been neglected in the financial offices throughout the State Capital? Could Mayor Sottile have another chance at that Albany job he craves? Who knows.

This will have a ripple effect in so many directions, locally and nationally. You cant escape the 24 hour news cycle on CNN and MSNBC and their need to fill chat time. So, by mid-week, we should know where NY State is heading and what the future holds for the Sherriff of Wall Street.


Anonymous said...

Alright, youre teelin me that this could be an oportunity for Jimbo to get outa Dodge?

Do we get a special election here in Kingston?

Im liking this situation!

Anonymous said...

Might the article on page one of today's (3/11/2008) "Daily Freeman" have anything to do with an article on p. B5 of today's "Daily Freeman"?

I would suggest reading both...

Anonymous said...

One might one to look down below, at Spitzer's involvement in the "Sunshine Project," as well...


Perhaps good enough (combined with the article on p. B5 of the "Freeman"... that some powerful people might have SERIOUSLY wanted Spitzer out of there???????????????????????

[Sexual setups and blackmail, etc. have not been unknowns in our political history, now have they?]

[Could this be "I know your dirty little secrets and you know mine and everything is 'okay' as long as you play the game the way you are supposed to play it" ?????]

Just a question...

But I think we should disempower these folks in the "potential" sexual blackmail arena by ignoring anything and everything about their consenting adult to adult sex lives.

Whereas, child sexual abuse, whomever it involves, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.