Saturday, March 22, 2008


If you can recall, there were two trees removed from the pedestrian island across from the YMCA last summer. What were left were two unsightly stumps and hazardous brick humps for all to trip over.

What you may have noticed this week is the yellow work sight horses at this corner and the brick pavers are reset to a smooth contour.

This will provide even more space for us to enjoy our morning coffee in front of Muddy Cup. Perhaps the city will install additional benches for us to sip and watch traffic.

Nice job fellas.


Anonymous said...

This is off the topic but Thanks for the work you did at the KAPA studio.
Your a real great influence on this community...smitty

This doesn't mean I won't continue to bust on you with crank calls, keep smilin and Happy Holiday

Anonymous said...

Those guys were out there for days grinding those stumps. That type of tree should never have been planted along sidewalks.

There are still a few along broadway and they need to be removed.

The flat brick surface is great, but had the city fathers known more about landscape planning 30 years ago, we wouldnt be fighting the brick pushing roots today.

Winter work is good.