Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Governor David Paterson, is the first legally blind governor in United States history, and the first African-American governor of New York. Paterson is nationally recognized as a leading advocate for people with disabilities. You can visit the site American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) at .

In 2002, Paterson was elected Minority Leader of the New York State Senate, the first non-white legislative leader in New York's history who made history again by being elected New York's first African-American Lieutenant Governor. This, from a family lineage of firsts, his father, Basil Paterson, was the first African-American to be New York's secretary of State.

The New York's state Assembly is controlled by Democrats, its Senate by Republicans. The control of New York’s leadership is so tight, with one seat in favor of the republicans in the Senate, that any shift in position could change everything.

The state's lawmaking process is commonly referred to as "three men in a room” because of the method our leaders have taken during the budget process for decades. Here is a chance for a new approach. Can Paterson take his reputation as the “Great Compromiser” and bring the warring parties together before New York’s struggling economy implodes?

Paterson has good relations with legislators which will be sorely needed after this scandal. He has an easy manner that is disarming to both friends and political foes. I hope Paterson is the silver lining around this dark cloud in Albany.

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Anonymous said...

Are you nuts?
Smoking is a serious issue that should be addressed by smokers.... but not but our local government.
We are a city turning into a slum and dumping ground for NYC. Our police cannot and I am sure will not enforce this. Hell they dont even enforce half of the laws now. Why would they bother to waste time on something so ridiculous?
The common council should be ashamed for wasting so much time and energy on this while Kingstonians were just taxed out of thier homes and businesses!
Go pick anu one of the real issues facing this city and try to resolve one of them, here are a few in case you dont know of any:
Affordable housing overflow
Crumbling Infrastructure
Local business or lack thereof
Corruption in local gov? Just maybe
Tax bills that are of the charts
Blatent disregard for quality of life in the city...just drive down broadway
the list goes on, and nowhere is smoking causes any of this.
Wake up