Friday, March 21, 2008


New York drivers are subsidizing the Erie Canal waterways. The 542 miles of Canal and its 500 employees are sustained by your thruway tolls. Oh, did I mention rates for the NY State Thruway are going up again?

The Thruway Authority has diverted over $1 billion toward managing the lock system since it took over the operations in 1992. A shortfall in the State Budget prompted the transfer from the Legislature to the Thruway Authority.

The canal system is important to tourism and economic development in upstate NY, but I question, why commuters and small business owners who are already struggling with increased fuel prices, should foot the bill? Keep in mind, the most frequent users of the canal system are luxury pleasure boats and they travel free of charge! You heard me.

Taking the canal system out of the Thruway Authority budget would eliminate the need to raise rates and get back to its core job, maintaining the thruway. With the collapse of the bridge in Minnesota last year, the case for better care of our roadways is clear.

Tell our new governor, David Paterson that its time to undo this fiscal burden on the Thruway Authority. It threatens the safety and financial viability of our commuters and small business owners throughout New York State.


Anonymous said...

I still prefer the metro when visiting NYC, so the toll rates wont really effect me personally, but everything we buy will be effected.

I doubt the Canal Lobby will allow any change, just like the other relentless henchmen pushing thier corporate will on our elected leaders.

Albany is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Metro North and AmTrak just raised their rates too, so theres no getting out of it.

I have to commute to Grand Central on weekdays and, like everyone else, I feel the pinch.

The Canal burden was shifted during the Cuomo admin. I dont think it has that much of a chance of changing anytime soon, but the idea is good.