Monday, March 24, 2008


Armor Dynamics will occupy this 15,000-square-foot building this spring where they plan to manufacture explosive-resistant materials, intended for our military and law enforcement personnel. Landing this manufacturing opportunity was no doubt due to the connections of the Sottile administration and the Pataki administration...And we are thankful.

Steve Finkle, the City of Kingston’s Economic Director says the building is about 40% done and has room enough to employ the first 20+ jobs by summer.
Located in the Business Park just off Delaware Avenue, it is close to Route 9W and has an impressive entrance that it shares with the only other tenant: ALCOA Fastening Systems. (Formerly HUCK International)

With the floor about to be poured, I have to wonder if this was built green? I will have to ask Steve, since that seems to be the trend these days. Finkle stated in the Freeman last week that the blue glass window panes were installed. This sounded interesting, so I had to get a look myself (see above).

The Industrial Park had a rocky start in the 90’s when the late Mayor Gallo first proposed the concept. Several opposition groups formed and fought the measure, but without success. I remember a large fundraiser concert held at the Cordts Mansion next door, and experienced the forest preservationist theme of the event, but the evidence of “progress” is there for all to see.

Steve Finkle also told the Freeman: “Once the shell is complete and the building is closed in, the floor will be poured and the interior work of fitting up the office areas, installing the elevator and the building systems will get started”. My take? I’m sure the building in phase two (the other 500 jobs) is in the design stage with our planning department. I would expect nothing more than a green manufacturing facility on that pristine property. It may as well serve as an example of what the City of Kingston is looking for. Don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Green building plans should be the norm today. The Esopus Town Hall is a prime example of Green thinking.

Now we could use a job stimulous economic plan to attract manufacturing of Green building products. Lets approach this industry with open arms and offer the rest of the Industrial Park to a company in this advanced field.

Kingston would be on the map for something positive again.

Anonymous said...

When the second building is built and operations are underway, we will count heads. Then we will see if the tax incentives measure up to the time and money spent for this company to funcion here long term.

Bygningsentreprise said...

Yeah and green building is a big help for us.