Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am thrilled to have this opportunity to vote on some form of a smoking ban. I had no influence on the legislation to ban indoor smoking, but I did ban smoking in the club I managed on Fair St for a year before it was mandated. I have no regrets.

Jennifer Ringwood, with the help of Bob Senor, has offered a compromise to the city ordinance that was sent back to the Laws & Rules Committee. It restricts the smoking zone to beyond 50 feet of building openings and areas where families gather in our parks. This I can work with and can say I am happily on-board with this amended legislation.

To emphasize my enthusiasm for any means to stop others from starting this addiction, I have included the above and below pictures from a “stop smoking” campaign. Below, is commentary that explains the motive.

It is this second haunting image that 58-year-old Mrs Hamilton was determined the world should remember as she campaigned to shock others into giving up tobacco before it is too late.
Speaking from her sick-bed hours before her death last week, the mother of two said: "When I was growing up, smoking was glamorous. Film stars would pose for the cameras with a cigarette in their hand.
"I remember buying a single cigarette from the shop for threepence, then smoking it at a cafe, hoping the boys would notice.
"I moved on to a pack of five, then ten, and when I started working it was 20, and I would smoke a pack a day. I didn't realise it at the time but I was a pretty, young woman.
"It's only later, when you look in a mirror at what is left and see a photo as you used to be, that you realise how things have changed.
"I don't want anyone to suffer like I am. It is unimaginable and the pain is so horrendous I have to take morphine every day."

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Anonymous said...

How about some photos of drunk drivers and their victims; obese people that can hardly get up out of a chair (and often need oxygen as well); people on kidney dialysis and/or on lines for liver transpants due to decades of boozing it up?

How about some pitures of the thousands and thousands of smokers that are looking dam& good at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90? [My grandmother was still smoking AND working at the age of 88]

I'm all for protecting children from cigarettes and cigarette smoke. I'm all for campaigns that help keep kids from lighting up to begin with.

I'm even on-board with the no smoking in public facilities...

But when it comes to the outdoors?

Lets get real. This is amongst the LEAST of our problems!