Monday, March 03, 2008


Last Thursday, February 28th, I met with a representative of MADVAC at City Hall. Through prior communication last summer, he knew of my interest in purchasing a mobile vacuum for our sidewalks and he sent me information, which I touched on during the budget process last fall.

Thursday’s meeting served a s a good follow-up on the model options and I was thrilled to see the brochures on the different products his company handles.

As smitten as I am with the MADVAC 101, I know the council members will want to review all the choices out there and we will pursue the normal bid process though our esteemed purchasing agent.

Getting the streets and sidewalks cleaned up with an efficient machine will improve the streetscape as well as limit the back breaking hours of manual pick-up. If this were purchased already, we would get wild cheers just by driving it down Broadway during a parade.


Anonymous said...

What about the Alternatives to Incarceration Program scheduling some defendants who have been sentenced to community service by the local courts to perform this chore? There isn't any shortage of cases in the court system and this "workforce" should be highly motivated to perform. If they don't perform - take them back before the judge to expalin the reason.

I am sure it wouldn't break anyone's back to do work but it might teach them a lesson. Instead of sitting around playing video games with their friends they spend Saturday on Broadway where everyone driving by can see them.

It would seem to be significantly more cost effective than buying a new toy that, even if it is not misused and abused, is sure to break down time and again.

Anonymous said...

Ulster County Corrections has had the Orange crew out on Saturdays in the warmer months, but they are scheduled throughout the county, so they arent just here in Kingston.

I want to see real clean streets and sidewalks for a change. This city has become a dump. People on the street at any time of the day or night throw crap on the curb without any concern and no officer is going to take the time to write them up for littering.

Just let the public know how much one of these things costs.


Max Night said...

I know you've looked into this more than me - but just in looking at that picture.... There's a man. There's a can. There's a man trying to steer a 500-pound device over to get a can.
See my point?
For what it's going to cost to buy, maintain and power one of those devices, you could pay a second person part-time to help with the cleanup...and I don't know that picking up cans, bottles and paper would be considered back-breaking.
Am I missing the mark here?