Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This Monday night, March 3rd, the Council Chambers were full of proud parents. Parents of young women who have made a positive impact through teamwork.

These were the Girl Scout’s Bronze Awards and they are the highest awards that a junior Girl Scout can earn.

The accomplishments include playground upgrades, school supplies, puppies for the blind, homeless and foster care fundraisers as well as dog shelters & clinics.

The troops that took part were Misty Mountain #392, River’s Edge #188 and #60034, Rondout Valley #187, Saugerties #236 and Wendy’s #292, #478 and #47. All with great leaders and Honorees. (too many for me to mention here)

It was so nice to see the chambers in use for a community based ceremony with so many socially conscious youth, who will grow up to do great things. As one of our truly non-discriminatory organizations, I applaud all of the lessons they instill through these programs.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know about some of the events in this city if it werent for some of these blogs.

I now know that organizations can use City Hall for events. I have witnessed the swearing in ceremonies there, but didnt know about non-government froups.

And youre right about steering our youth in a good citizen direction early. The scouts are just one such group, but parents who already take an interest in their kids are making this impact. Parents who dont play a positive roll, wont provide the means to get to these organizations. Thats a crime.