Monday, March 31, 2008


This is a picture of the new facade of Park Opticians on Broadway in Kingston.

This upgrade was accomplished with the design and financial help of the City of Kingston. Say what?

There are programs designed specifically for the betterment of our streetscape in our commercial districts. The tree commission, the sidewalk program and the Facade Grant.

This peticular renovation stems from CDBG monies that were slated specifically for Facades and dispersed through the Kingston Midtown Business Association. The end result puts a fresh face on a current business. Job well done.

Here are two additional candidates for the program, but have resisted to take part because of the language barrier and a distrust in government programs. Im sure the money will be used along the Broadway corridor in some positive manor if the two storefronts dont accept it, I just hope they continue the progress they have shown so far.

KMBA, with the help of, Valieri Consulting, a design firm out of Saratoga, has developed a Midtown Revitalization Building Plan which is poised to rethink the future of Broadway. From hight specifications to acceptable building materials at the sidewalk. The goal is to have our expectations known at the onset when a developer invests in our commercial district. What better way to promote a stable growth initiative to outside sources than to have a plan in place?

Good work KMBA!


Anonymous said...

Is there a grant available for repairs on residential homes in our rough neighborhoods?

I live next to a single family home that is in severe disrepair. What can a city like Kingston, do to help with the houses that bring down home values in midtown?

Anonymous said...

With so many homes in midtown owned by out-of-state banks, you wont see homestead grants utilized there even if they were availible.

The residents have to step up and maintain the buildings in the midtown area themselves. Your house represents who you are. If it looks like hell, youre probably not the type to seek grants anyway.

Mike Madsen said...

This Thursday at 6pm, there will be a public forum regarding the Community Development Grant (CDBG).

Mike Murphy and the Community Dev Committee would like your input during this final meeting.

Placing grant money in the best locations and programs is the goal. I need support for additional sidewalk upgrades and handicap corners.