Sunday, March 16, 2008


It was just two weeks ago, we had snow everywhere, like the above picture. Has the sudden thaw altered the landscape at this infamous corner? Not yet!

WALGREEN’S isn’t here yet, but the prospect of commercial development on the corner of Broadway and E Chester Street looms in the near future. Even as we come to terms with the snails pace of action from our government, I have dabbled in the notion of hope that the former Laundromat site will become the treasured Pharmacy we were promised.

The prolonged brownfield recovery process was extended a few extra months due to the incomplete site work. Through some imagined breakdown in communication, the central slab portion of the property had been omitted from the testing and curing of the eco-disaster that it was.

In conversation with Mayor Sottile this week, I got assurances that WALGREEN’S would be breaking ground by the middle of April. I know I will post updates on the progress as it happens.
Will the new and well lit pharmacy diminish the ghetto image of the CITGO corner?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for all the upbeat news.
Note how Nick and your blog don't seem to attract the nega-bloggers of the other sites.
I guess if you don't have anything bad to say, you don't say anything at all...smitty

Anonymous said...

Funny you mentioned the CITGO station. Other than the High School, it is the only trouble spot in our neighborhood.

You think the Walgreen's will help? I dont know. Maybe if we took the additional city property tax revenue that will be generated by Walgreen's and used it just for increased patrols at this corner, It would help.

Anonymous said...

Negative constructive criticizm has its place. We don't live in "la la" land.

Ms. "Smitty" :)

Mike Madsen said...

The city taxes for the future Walgreen's is estimated at 18-22 thousand dollars per year. It takes about 40K to employ one police officer. That police officer would only work 180 days per year under the current contract.

The former Sherriff Department building on Shwenk Drive is coming back on the tax rolls, perhaps we have enough after all.

Anonymous said...

Lets just say "april fools" now.

Anonymous said...

With the thaw, I expect to see Walgreen's or the city clean up that property. It looks like hell.

Maybe that Madvac thing you were looking at could start right at this site. The increase in tax revenue would be better off spent on a cleaning machine than an officer who will just reap the benefits of unlimited sick-time on the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

You and the administration are to blame for that neighborhood looking like it does. If no one has told you, you are the voice of the people and can pass more stringent home owner laws to keep properties clean and laws to have businesses do the same. Oh did I forget to mention that if you and you peers could figure a way to lower the ridiculous tax burden on a business, someone might actually stand a chance at being successful in this city and develope a nice business!
Please dont bitch about what is going on when you are one of the people that are casuing it!

Mike Madsen said...

One thing you will notice, is that I will approve any comments without swears in them. Even when they criticize me. This is what BLOGs are for.

All of the Councilmen, past and present, get involved to make a positive impact on their neighborhoods and the City of Kingston.

We work with the tools we have and act within the constitution. Each of our Wards have trouble spots. But Kingston has issues that are part local, part federal and part social.

We do what we think is right on the local level and work against the tide of drug adiction, domestic violence and a failing education system. I wouldnt be in it unless I thought I could help.

Thanks for prompting this response and I will continue to do my best.

Rebecca Martin said...

Actually, we all are to blame for the shape our neighborhood (s) are in. It is high time for us all to take our civic responsibility far more seriously and to collectively and patiently - make the changes that we want to see. It's still a democracy after all.

How? One way is to come to a Ward 9 Community Group Meeting. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Coach House Players. Outside of Ward 9? Create your own community group and work with your elected Alderman. If you want more information, please join our email list by contacting me at

Thanks, Mike for creating a blog so that your constituents can communicate with you on an ongoing basis. These are all new steps for our city officials and residents...and they are good ones for sure.

Mike Madsen said...

Well, as most of you readers have noticed, my BLOG comes home to Ward Nine, or close to it, about evry other or third article.

I will continue the free flow of thought locally and nationally because the issues effect so many of us and we all have strong feelings that need to be vented.

In fact my next one is a reaction to an animated encounter with an aquaintance, so you never know whats next.

Happy St Patty's Day