Friday, March 28, 2008


This is the Train Tunnel under Delaware Avenue. The Channel that leads to the tunnel, skates along the back of properties along Hasbrouck and Delaware avenues.
What you see here, is the result of years of dumping. In a city that collects trash weekly at their curb, I don’t get it.

For several years, I have teamed up with the Woodstock Day School volunteers and occasionally solo in an effort to clean up this mess. The task is
huge, and no city department has laid claim to the responsibility of cleaning it up. So I make my pilgrimage a few times a year and fight the rising tide of trash.

What can I do? Plenty of trash is new, since my visit last fall. Our Trash Enforcer Larry Bergati had issued an edict to stop dumping on the tracks last summer, but here it is.

I have asked the Trolley Museum to ramp up their Grant Applications in the past to consider extending the line and help clean, but have heard nothing for years. Catskill Mt RR promissed the Mayor a trash collector rail car last summer…that never happened.

So, I would like to know if anyone would like to join me this year to help clean up this mess, a joint effort of local citizens who know the value of a clean city. You will need water proof boots, gloves, and a
strong back. There are 100 tires, enough recyclables to keep RECYCLEBANK busy and trash enough to fill eight city trucks.

Clear your weekends and lets make this happen.


Anonymous said...


Peter Mack said...

Mike, count me in.

Anonymous said...

Like i said you could have all the laws out there, but they are not enforced. Laws have to be enforced. We need to have an officer down there to watch, but maybe they are to scared to be down there.

Anonymous said...

I remember last year you actually cut up some fallen trees with your chain saw. Is the path still open for a group of people to effectively make a dent in the trash pile?

What about working from the tunnel edge rather than walking to the Rondout Savings Bank with bags?

If its going to be a group effort, lets plan it for efficiency and use our time for the best outcome.

Will we have city trucks? Keep us informed in a future post.

Anonymous said...

I just saw you cleaning on North Street. Get back to your own ward.

Lei said...

This stuff looks like it is the stuff that is regularly left behind by the BPW. You have to pay $2-$5 to get rid of tires, they won't take construction materials, etc. I hear all the time about old refrigerators, barbeques, lawn furnture being dumped. I bet it is dumped after weeks waiting for the city truck to take it.

Anonymous said...

I thought that larry bragotti had retired from the City?

Anonymous said...

Alderman M,

I know the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce sponsors a "Clean Sweep", where the neighborhood comes out and bags up litter. This is a great family/community event that helps people see and feel the immediate benefit of their efforts.

Have you tried putting together something like that for the Tunnel? We should talk more about this. Either way, count me in.

Jon Sennett