Friday, March 07, 2008


Our government has a long history of making deals in smokey back rooms. New York State has just taken a step toward airing out these rooms.

AG Andrew Cuomo, with the support of Gov Spitzer, Speaker Silver and Majority Bruno, has offered the public, an online looking glass into the actions of our state leaders.
The web site is available 24/7 and although in its infancy, shows bill sponsorship, campaign funding, committee members, pork projects as well as contact information.

The site will mature, giving us information on Counties first and then Cities & Towns as DATA and web management increases.

The AP has put out a story about this in all the local papers, the feedback is positive, with the understanding that the site will grow. I checked out a few pages and was surprised at the potential this brings to understanding our State officials motives. I still have trouble understanding my local comrades on the Council, so this was refreshing.

Just go to , and have a ball.

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