Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Let me take this opportunity to make my first endorsement on my BLOG.
Those of us who are engaged in the process of politics, reflect on the lack of today's young people in our ranks. Their inability to play a role in their own future is unfortunate. We rarely meet young people who get active and seek to influence legislation that effects their lives. Then along comes Jeremy.
JEREMY BLABER is 20, but has put more effort into learning about the affairs that steer the course of our next generation, than most 30 year olds. We have worked on campaigns together, and attended numerous school board and community meetings to the point of exhaustion.
Mr Blaber has devoted plenty of time studying issues regarding the Kingston High School, its curriculum, campus security and the massive burden on the taxpayers. He has ideas and the ability to work with other members of the school board.
As an Alderman, I know the rigors of the job, representing a ninth of the City of Kingston. I would expect no less effort by Jeremy Blaber in the position of a School Board member. The countless hours of sacrifice that school board members offer the community are impressive. If Jeremy is willing to step up and run for School Board, I have no hesitation in offering my endorsement.
Jeremy's youth, energy, and drive should be an asset.
I am going to vote for JEREMY BLABER for Kingston School Board...why don't you join me?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Right on Alderman Madsen!! Keep up the great work on this blog, it is a wonderful addition to the available mediums for discussing the issues critical to our community...
As for Mr. Blaber, his youth, enthusiasm and intelligence bode well for the school board. He has much to learn about the county executive race, however.

Anonymous said...

Blaber for school board. I saw the posting he did on his own site and the crowd was made up of some high ranking office holders.

The kid has a chance to win, but will he be effective? Should he be?
Will he explain his views better for all of us voters?

Perhaps a link from his or your blog with all that he brings to the position. We need to know.

Nice BLOG style mike. The 104th battalion piece was nice to see.

Anonymous said...

No way, jeramy won't win for school board. He is a back stabing person. He can't be trusting.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of experience?
What has Jeremy ever experienced?
He has to grow up and become a contributor to society before he can decide what is right for the taxpayers.