Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The City of Kingston is about to offer a Dog Adoption Package intended to streamline the process of acquiring a well deserved companion from the holdings of the city’s Dog Warden.

Administered through the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall, you can adopt a dog with all the necessary tests and doctor visits completed prior to the advertising. All the mandatory stipulations for offering your home to a loving rescued dog will have been done.

Matt Peters is the dog warden and he takes sincere pride in the care and placement of the many four legged friends who come his way. Whether they are lost, over-bred or confiscated, they are all “mans best friend” and should be treated as such.

People find the posted pets online through the petfinder website or through word of mouth, either way they drive from Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut after viewing the precious orphan online, and filling out the required forms.

Having the detailed process conquered ahead of time by the City of Kingston is a wonderful benefit, but requires a fee of $160 per dog, to offset the accrued expenses.

I am consistently impressed with the staff in the Clerk’s Office. Putting up with us councilmen, the Mayor, and hundreds of calls & visits from the public…and now this! Many thanks to Kathy Janeczek, Matt Peters and the rest of the staff.


Anonymous said...

I got my "Daisy" at a shelter. Nothing felt better than saving a friend from certain death. She is my best friend.
I bet the program you show here gives pet owners the same warm feeling when they bring a dog home from City Hall.

Will there be any serious advertising of this program locally? or just PetFinder?

Too many good homes dont have computers.

Anonymous said...

I am still shocked that the PATTY'S ANGELS case was dismissed. Those of us who love our rescue dogs know full well what deplorable conditions that must have been and we feel aweful for those abused animals.

This is why I am thankful that the clerks office joined in the fight to relocate these abandoned dogs in the area. Thanks for showing us Mike.

Anonymous said...

Mike, does the Dog Warden take the living conditions and care history into consideration when people apply for a City rescue dog?

10:49 brings up a good point about who gets to take a dog home.