Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The City of Kingston's DPW crews come through. The tight streets in midtown prove treacherous in the winter, and this winter is no exception. This past Sunday, to beat the high school infestation, the DPW scooped up tons of snow from the curbs of several streets in the Ward Nine and Five neighborhoods around KHS.
With very little discomfort during the day, the residents cooperated and the task was completed in good time.
There is plenty of stress on this neighborhood when the school is open. Our parking issues are just the beginning, I could go into detail about the swarm of students off campus, but not now. I will say we cherish the summer months when the school is closed.
But this moment is for KUDO's to our city crew. A warm thanks on a cold day.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful about wanting the High School to move or close campus. Your neighborhood would increase in value and your assessment would skyrocket, they your taxes would go up, like those of us who dont live near the high school.

Be happy the little monsters park all over your streets.