Sunday, March 02, 2008


Get this: a new BILL has been introduced for an Employment ID Scan. It would use an all-electronic system using expanded state databases that may include biometrics, similar to the system currently used by our military. This new Employee Verification Act proposes to replace the Homeland Security Department’s current E-Verify system, which began as a voluntary pilot program 10 years ago.

Illinois adopted a law last year that prohibited use of E-Verify due to significant errors that critics say would result in discrimination against millions of people. Interesting that Barak Obama has such as strong pro-amnesty philosophy and this form of ID scan was dropped in his home state.

This new bill was introduced February 28th by Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) with a similar bill offered by Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) last November.
We already have databases in use to track down parents for child support, so we have the infrastructure to implement this program. The Employee Verification would be matched with data in the Social Security database, for citizens, and in Homeland Security databases, for noncitizens.

While skimming through some other articles, I found that this legislation is supported by the Human Resource Initiative for a Legal Workforce coalition, which includes the National Association of Manufacturers, National Association of Home Builders, American Council on International Personnel, College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, Food Marketing Institute, HR Policy Association, International Public Management Association for Human Resources and National Franchisee Association.

Let’s petition our representatives to support this important legislation in congress.

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Anonymous said...

Just what is this "verification" system supposed to do? Identify someone as an employee of a certain organization? Provide information about an employee or prospective employee? Less? More?
The small print?

I don't care for anything that takes us more towards a "Big Brother is watching" situation...
because new technology has too often been used to "watch" the wrong people (for example, peace activists...)--- and there is always the possibility that new techology will fall into the wrong hands and be put to not-so-ethical use.

So... I need to know more on this. And, I'd also like to ask why lie detectors couldn't be implemented in the field of politics? Along with better technology to screen abusers and perverts that apply for work (volunteer or paid) with children?

Perhaps what I'm saying is why not address more important issues first?

I don't know.

I'm not clear on this latest... I admit that. And I would like to know where to find out more information about it.