Monday, March 03, 2008


The New York Red Bulls played in Austria against their Bulls today. Leaving the field with a few more bruises than expected with a loss of 1-0. Soccer fans wouldn’t have thought that the game was played by two teams from the same organization, it was so brutal..

Afterwards, the NY Red Bulls claimed that the Red Bulls of Salzburg entered the match with the intent of trying to injure them. The NY Daily News quoted goalkeeper Jon Conway saying; "It was kind of crap in my opinion. Their intention, in my opinion, was come out to try and hurt one of our guys. It was crap.” He then added "From the get-go, there were some cheeky, chippy fouls. I think they wanted to hit somebody and they did. They got Dane. Now Dane's injured.”

The captain, Claudio Reyna, is known for keeping his cool, and yet the obvious physical attack on the NY team was getting to him. The referee ignored the plea to control the game several times, and so players got hurt.

The team is in training and touring European stadiums until April 5th when they battle here in the states with Columbus Crew. All this and more on FOX Soccer Channel…107 on your TWC digital cable here in the Kingston area.

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