Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yet another Democrat is poised to challenge Molinaro for the 103rd Assembly seat. What has he done or not done, to piss off so many people that crowds of democrats are lining up for the chance to beat him in November?

Laurette Giordino of E Fishkill (pictured left) and Dana Tompkins of Millbrook (lower right) stepped up weeks ago and now we meet Joseph Huff of Union Vale. (upper right)

Why is he running? He said he feels residents in the district have been overlooked and that "I'm running for the Assembly because I want to represent the voice of the people," He believes issues such as property taxes, school taxes and jobs have not been addressed.’

Have we heard this before? Although it may sound like a broken record, the point is made that Molinaro has dropped the ball in Albany as their Assemblyman.

All three challengers are democrats and have different backgrounds in management, but I still put my faith in Laurette. Her go-get-em style and middle class blue collar stripes are as well earned as any of em and I believe the 103rd will be better served with her in Albany.

Stretching from Hudson to E Fishkill, the diverse needs of the district have proven too daunting for Molinaro, (pictured left) he is heckled at Bard College during every visit and is rarely seen at locations south of Red Hook. So the time is right for the district to go blue. Hell, what will the administration do for him as a Bruno puppet anyway?

I urge the bi-county Democratic Committeemen to chose Giordino as your candidate for the 103rd Assembly seat this June.


Anonymous said...

Although the district is beyond our borders here in the 101st, it's nice to see the prospect of change throughout the Hudson Valley. Our sister county, Dutchess, has plenty to do with the economic growth of Ulster so lets cheer them on.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of writing for a weekly or for a campaign?
When I cruise through the archives I see potential, needs refinement, but its there. Ill contact you sometime.

Anonymous said...

Molinaro is a one termer any way you look at it.

Ted, Red Hook

Mike Madsen said...

You know it's fun to actively endorse anyone running against Blaber's endorsed candidate.

But the job requires serious qualifications, which appear to be lacking in Molinaro. Best of luck to Laurette in the caucus.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding. The Dutchess County Democrats met last Thursday and wouldn't endorse any of these opponents. Why?

They don't have what it takes.

Molinaro has Democrat and Republican support. I have known him for years, I am a female Dutchess Democrat and support him.

Serious qualifications? Mark has a strong record to run on. He sponsord the Dutchess Clean Indoor Air Act, Open Space Fund, Child Protective Services Reform, Greenway Indemnification Update, DWI Legislation & Cyber Harassment Legislation. Not to mention his support for Astor Early Intervention, our libraries and Arts Councils.

He has been recognized by the Albany Times Union and was cited in the Harvard Environmental Law Review as a reformer.

Not to mention, the Assembly has been controled by NYC Democrats and is a major part of the problem in Albany. Want real change? Dump the NYC Democrats in the Assembly and those who cow tow to them.

Anonymous said...

Im sure the Assembly members who do check out this blog are well aware of your desire to change the overbearing leadership out of NYC.

Change will come. In what form, we dont know.

Anonymous said...

Marc Molinaro has support amounst Democrats and Republicans alike becasue he does the job and is a man of the people. I am proud to support Marc Molianro for reelection.

Anonymous said...

Molinaro has been in every tonw in the District. Check out his schedule. I don't think he has much to worry about. A Republican heckled at Bard? At least he visits Bard.

Mike Madsen said...

Its very odd. Our participation with an organ harvesting country? Nothing - doing business as usual.

Our willingness to subsidize the canal locks with our thruway tolls? Nothing.

Blatant disregard for the safety hazards circling the Indian Point Power Plant? Nothing.

McCain and Bush oposing the upgrade to the GI Bill? Nothing.

And yet the 103rd race (outside of my district) gets all the attention. You folks have priority issues. Blaber really has you all worked up and for what reason?

My stat counter says most of the posts are coming from Tivoli. Explain that.

Anonymous said...

We know Mark. That's why.

And the fact that you don't live in the District is all the more reason.

Anonymous said...

Bruno about all these wannabe Silver puppets. I am sure Molinaro has a lot more independence in his votes than any of these wannabe's will have in theirs. Just ask that snake Cahill..he bows to Silver every chance he gets.

Anonymous said...

These posts could be coming from may be right. But Tivoli, I believe, is firmly democrat and support him anyway.

Anonymous said...

Im sure the Tivoli comments come from friends & family.

Anonymous said...

Like every other Molinaro fan, I would like to see Cahill taken out. He's no better than the rest of the Dems. Vote Yess for Assembly 101st!

Anonymous said...

Giardino dropped out. Tompkins is nowhere to be found but Huff is still running hard.