Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Jon Sennett has announced he is seeking the position of Chairman for the Ulster County Democratic Committee. For those who follow the workings of local party politics, you know the significance of this challenge.

Jon, being the committee’s nominee for UC District Attorney in 2007, lost that race due to the split loyalties of Democratic Committeemen. Had there been strong leadership at the top during last year’s races, we would have Ulster County’s most competent lawyer as our DA today.

Today, that leadership is finally recognized as the failure it always was, in the challenge made by none other than Jon Sennett himself. With the image of “Good ‘Ol Boys” stripped from the public’s perception of party officers, the respect that the position deserves will once again be earned and deserved.

Wednesday night’s Executive meeting was the setting for this great news, and for many, it was a joy to behold, for others…not so good. It’s the end of an era. You can guarantee that a number of old school - party elders will not be happy, but I will support this regime change in any way I can.

Thank you Jon.


Anonymous said...

Imagine! Party politics without the old money stranglhold that the Parete family has created?
Candidates running on their resume' rather than blind favoritism. Behold! For the sunlight may shine on us all.

Anonymous said...

What terrible news for the Democrats!

Anonymous said...

John Sennett the most competent attorney in Ulster County? This is when you lose credibility. You really should ask some attorneys their advice and perhaps some of his former clients. Many would tell you otherwise. You have just insulted the majority of the attorneys in Ulster County many of whom have very successful practices, much more so than Sennett.

Anonymous said...

Will Sennett promise not to run for DA?? We don't need a Chair running for county office.

Anonymous said...

Jon has done alright by me, Im sure he make a fine leader for the Democratic Committee.
Im sure there are those who would like to see things stay the same, but in this season of change, the stale "Good Ol Boys" back room deals politics of the past has got to hit the history books.
Jon, or an outsider like him, would be refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Sennett? He is angry, bitter and was flat out a disaster as a candidate. This is good news for the Republicans in Ulster County.

He has little to no respect in the law community and has now ruined any chance at running for DA. I guess it is better he ruin the Democratic Party than our criminal justice system. Mike you went out big time for him last year and he was toast. The reasons he got killed by Holly is because he was a terrible candidate, he surrounded himself with clowns (you Mike) and he couldn't fool the voters of UC like he did the Democratic Committee. The voters will not vote for a liar, unfortunately the majority of committee members didn't care. Plus he's only recently a Democrat. We should have winners at the top of our party. Clowns need not apply (Sennett).

Mike Madsen said...

I guess youre a vote against Hein. I think he is the most qualified to be UC Exec, but if he's only a fresh your reasoning, I better think again.

And me a clown?
Well, ok, I do look funny.
Thanks for stopping in.