Sunday, May 18, 2008


Organ harvesting is the new fountain of youth and it’s happening more than you think.

Human rights groups and numerous media outlets across the world have conducted stealth investigations into the rumored practices at Chinese prisons.

There are 36 death camps in China, where organs are taken while prisoners - many young and healthy people abducted by authorities - are still alive.

Arent the 2008 Olympics in China?

To paraphrase what I read in the AP story, these captives are put on display for viewing by potential organ buyers where they pick the donor that suits them.

The highest number of organs come from the Falun Gong practitioners. The healthiest source of body parts: they eat right, exercise, meditate, and are hooked on Buddhist values with a bit of Tao and Confucianism thrown in. It's all about physical and spiritual health and fitness to Falun Gong.

Get this, If you need a heart, a kidney, brain tissue or a new eye retina - you just contact one of the numerous hospitals advertising transplant services in China. If quality donors are scarce, they simply arrest a few healthy people that fit the bill.

Some of you may have seen TOURISTA in the theater? That was old school. This is sanctioned and funded by the Chinese government.

In China, people are arrested for spitting, as well as speaking against the communist leadership. Most convictions end in the death sentence. You are kept alive until someone completes their order, then off to midnight surgery where you never wake up.

The AP report noted that the survival period for a kidney is between 24-48 hours and a liver about 12 hours.
This is stated on the China International Transplantation Network Assistance Centre (CITNA) Website, "Before the living kidney transplantation, we will ensure the donor's renal function...So it is more safe than in other countries, where the organ is not from a living donor."

Chinese hospitals have been privatized, so the transplant centers are in military institutions, financed by organ transplant recipients. The money is used for the overall military budget.

Today, China is the world center for organ transplants, and executes more people every year than the rest of the world together. By ignoring these atrocities of Human Rights and contributing in the 2008 Olympics, we send a clear message of impunity. Why is that?

So many of our large US Corporations and Iconic buildings are owned by Chinese business, while our unfair trade policies are pushing manufacturing to Chinese poverty camps to provide the US consumer cheap goods at WalMart.

Face it America, they own us already.

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Anonymous said...

Why not localize, live our OWN lives to higher standards, focus on the DEFENSE of OUR OWN country (here AT home) and on American-based innovation and prosperity that does not have any inhumane or unethical components attached? Although it is certainly prudent and desirable to be on good terms with all, I don't think that requires being in "bed" (if you get my drift) with all. Globalization, the way that it HAS been accomplished, has hurt (in a variety of ways) millions of people. There has to be a better way - and it would seem that mutual respect and respect for human dignity need to be front and center in ALL of our dealings, both near (where our primary focus should be) and far (with a focus on diplomatic, versus materialistic, evangelical and/or militant relations).