Thursday, May 15, 2008


Donations being accepted for the Clinton campaign for President in 2012 againt John McCain!

With the few remaining primaries ahead and little chance that Hillary will convince the SDs to award her the nom, Obama is sure to be the Democratic challenger to John McCain.

I suspect, McCain will win this November for the very reason I supported Clinton for the nomination. Obama is not quite ready for prime time.

To the left is a picture of Obama with Rev Wright back in less troubled times. I took down the PhotoShop picture of Obama because it skates to close to racism. Even with my history of Human Rights support, it was too much for some readers. Sorry.

So why is Hillary still in this? To make it quite clear that she will be the nominee in 2012.

I agree with this strategy. "Keep On Keepin On", as they say. Women will look back for years to come and see how far she got, and have a sense of pride. All the negative feelings will fade and like in, "The way we were" we will only remember the happy times. Well thats the plan anyway.

Unless the impossible happens and Obama picks Clinton as VP, this long distance prediction is how I see it.

I only wish I were wrong.


Anonymous said...

Mike: Sadly have to agree with thee- Unless Obama has the sense to do what JFK did with Johnson, as his VP choice, John McCain will be victorious in November. An Obama/Clinton ticket will win. McCain will discuss National Security as the primary issue. At the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor last week, we listened to former POW Col.Orson Swindle, discuss these same issues. Many of these American heroes of WWII are now Democrats and indicated a desire to support McCain against Obama. Swindle spent 6 years as "guest" of the VC in the Hanoi Hilton and is now a senior member of McCain's campaign. The issues of this campaign are the economy and health. Additional thoughts should center around Supreme Court nominees. Another factor that could be helpful to the Democrats could be the addition of Barr as a candidate for the Libertarian Party. This should siphon many votes from McCain. Just my three cents-
Shelly z

Anonymous said...

Mike, I think you might get in trouble with that photoshop picture of Obama.

But I have to agree with the inevitability of the McCain presidency if Clinton isnt on the ticket.

Because NY state is so blue, what we do locally wont matter for the national races, but I will be voting for Hein and Donaldson this November.

Mike Madsen said...

That Obama picture is the one being used all over Oregon before their primary. One of the outside groups had it in a letter format with some voting record stuff mixed in.

I know Clark is very good at mixing pictures but the detail in that one is quite professional. The other picture I have of Hillary has a bigger rump.

Anonymous said...

Give it up. HRC is $20mil in the hole. Unless you have some deep pocket friends or politicos who want to donate from their own funds I would say she is alllllllll done.

Just waiting for the "lady in the pant suit" to sing.

Anonymous said...

The Obama photo not only has an afro, but the mouth and nose were made larger as well.

You can certainly use it in an "this was passed in Oregon" way and get away with it.

But I doubt everyone thinks it's funny.

Careful, careful.

Mike Madsen said...

The Obama picture is a little close. Those who know me, know it's in good fun...but those who dont, might think "not so good".

I could replace the pic at this point, but then what would people pick on me for? The inevitable outcome of my prediction? Deep inside, everyone thinks this will be the result in November and its not making Democrats happy.

ill replace the picture. Sheesh!

Eagle said...

Good news! You are wrong.

Can you help us understand which humans you have been supporting rights for? It may just be in your definition...

Hey, let me tell you that great new "how do you know when a progressive is not a progressive" joke. People who know me wouldn't be offended by it.

Mike Madsen said...

See, as long as noone uses foul language, I usually publish the comment. Even when you're giving me the business.

Thanks for stopping by.