Friday, May 23, 2008


Oh Junior, what have you done now?

This war of words among Republican leaders is quite revealing. To see the end of this story play out, I need a front row seat. I better pull up another garbage can and get comfortable.

Each of the members of the Council have bad days, and we take turns pissing off other members sometimes with a vengeance. But the dirty mouth will bring you down every time.

To maintain your equanimity during all frustrating moments in any confrontation is our biggest challenge, and having any level of training in the world of public speaking, like a lawyer, should give anyone the edge on control. This tit-for-tat (I got tit in my article) between Teetsel and Cahill is unfortunate, but the hypocrisy in the timing is what gets me.

Rich, a word of advice, learn when not to jump into an issue. What is going on in DPW and City Hall regarding sexual harassment and the administration is no-longer a laughing matter. Your past comments will sting for a while, and people will snicker at you for a few months, but your source of income depends on respect in the court room.

Teetsel is correct in pointing out the double standard that Cahill has offered the public. When the allegations of sexual harassment were leveled against city employees, Rich should have stepped back and watched rather than inject himself into something no-outsider can help.

I don’t condone the actions of anyone harassing co-workers or in the home or in public, and I even recognize the harassment can work both ways, but leading the cause for the purpose of making personal headlines is sad at best.

Lets get back to what matters most to City residents…Jobs, Taxes and Safety.


Anonymous said...

You conveniently did not mention that Cahill has denied making the comment. Also, the allegation is that he said whatever he is supposed to have said behind closed doors. If he made it a vulgar comment in public, you'd a have a point.

Finally, how do you equate cursing behind closed doors with tormenting a cancer victim?

You're better than this, Mike. You accuse Cahill of jumping the gun. Haven't you done the same thing on this story?

Anonymous said...

Shame shame.

You take the side of Al Teetsel without giving due consideration that there was only one other eligible gent in the room, Mr. Walker, to agree or disagree with the allegation.

It would seem that you are jumping on the bandwagon without finding out the truth.

Have you talked with Mr. Walker yet?

Mike Madsen said...

Dear Shame;
You are kidding right?
1. Several sources had pointed out that there were only Al & Rich present.
2. You assume that I care if the allegation is true.
3. I ask that people be civil when interacting with each other.
4. Do you disagree that we must all maintain a level of control no matter what the circumstance?

Rich has his job to consider. This banter only helps those who have a distaste for all public figures.

Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

I have heard nothing from Walker on any of this. The GOV TIT as its called has been floating around that DPW office for years and now the controversy? Whats the correlation? Who is new? Who pushed the issue? Who is riding the political wave as a result?

Conservative Pig Vomit said...

Alderman Mike,

You are correct when you state
a 'Dirty Mouth Will Always Get
You In Trouble'. Yet what goes
on in a political caucus should stay there. One would hope if one is in a meeting as such [as I a
Democrat] one would be able to open
up to my fellow party members. As a elected official I would hope my
fellow Democrats would not run to
Kirby, Blaber or better yet to my
opponent......... The best advise I can give anyone is what Harry Truman once said. 'If you are in politics and you want a friend...
Get a Dog

Peter Mack said...

Hi Mike:

What a shame that the common council is wrapped up in "who said what about who".
In the meantime, the REAL issues are ignored--tax increases, crime, and quality-of-life for residents.
Our elected leaders are not best serving in their elected capacity and taking care of the city and its residents.
Instead of tackling the tough issues, they spend exorbitant amounts of time passing "Jim Crow Laws" such as smoking in the park. The biggest issue now is who called who a dirty name.
I think Rich Cahill is an intelligent and very competent lawyer. He has such potential, but his negative attitude and constant diatribe of insults detract from his ability to be a leader and serve the public.
I am a Democrat, but do not vote party line. My only loyalty is to my fellow citizen and neighbor and for the good of Kingston. If only our leaders followed this principle!
Why can't we all get along? Why don't we get down to business and concentrate on improving the quality of life for the taxpayers, residents, and tourists alike? How about putting our efforts into making Kingston the best city in the Hudson Valley? Their is plenty of work to do to keep everyone occupied.
Unfortunately, most of us citizens are now laughing at how the common council gets bogged down with such trivial issues.

"Independence is my happiness and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world and my religion is to do good."--Thomas Paine