Monday, May 19, 2008


So, you’re heading to Lake George for the weekend. You’ve got the fishing gear ready, car just had a tune-up, weather is lookin good and there’s no sign of the mother-in-law.
Wouldn’t it be great to know if your driving route had no delays in-store?

Well, great news! The State of New York has just launched a traffic alert system that provides real-time information about delays on New York’s highways. Can you believe it?

The system is called TransAlert, (that’s simple) and it sends e-mail or cell-phone text messages to subscribers to let them know when there are significant travel disruptions, such as highway accidents or lane closures. (how about speed traps?)

Drivers can customize the service, which is free, to receive statewide alerts or narrow the service by county.
This information is already distributed through the state Emergency Management Office’s electronic alert system, it’s just a matter of modifying the apparatus and providing access to the public.

If you have a cell phone with good service in New York, you can have the most reliable travel info in real-time courtesy of the state. Now, what about finding the cheapest gas prices?
Drivers can sign up for the traffic alerts at

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