Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Eight men, dressed as NYC Officers, have been abducting and torturing hundreds of east coast drug traffickers since 2003. (I’m liking this already)

Targeting large scale dealers in NYC, coming in from Massachusetts, PA, North Carolina and Florida, these men forced these slugs to hand over multi-million dollar stashes by threatening to squeeze their (parts) with pliers.

Authorities have captured the impersonators a few days ago and are processing them for trial, but the report on the AP said this team were very sophisticated in their tactics to carry out the hits on the other criminals. I know this sounds like a great movie script, but there is a down side to this.

They didn’t give the money to charity and flush the drugs. The crap managed to get back on the street anyway. The take was $20 Million in cocaine and $4 million in cash.

The big question? How is it that other officers on duty didn’t notice that the police car with flashing lights doing a car search wasn’t on their force? There has to be more to this.

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