Friday, May 16, 2008


Last Thursday, the Laws & Rules Committee discussed and passed the legislation to toughen the laws on troublesome properties. Titled the Public Nuisance Abatement Law, law enforcement officers will have a more refined tool to handle repeat offender properties.

The City of Kingston will have the ability to zero in on the owners of properties where the police department responds to chronic complaints of criminal activity.

Former D.A. Donald A. Williams, touted the measure as an upgrade to several laws on the books, but will help the city and its residents deal more effectively with properties that engage in drug dealing and prostitution.

A special panel of appointed experts will hear complaints and try to resolve the problems before they become criminal matters and there are fines attached if you don’t comply with the noted infractions within 30 days.
One such punishment for ignoring the subpoena would be seizure of the property.

One of the contributing factors is the lack of information on applicants. Being a landlord, I have some wild stories about those tenants who slipped through my own screening process and became a living nightmare. This is where my friend Don Ryan comes in.

Civil Officer Donald Ryan said he will help landlords to better screen tenants, modify lease agreements to better prepare for evicting tenants who commit crimes.
During my last few tenant placements, Don helped me avoid some possible problems. I am grateful for his help. But I am a landlord whom actually cares about my neighborhood.
For those landlords who don’t, this law will help the neighbors who suffer the continual abuse of an absentee landlord or owner-occupant bringing down their quality of life.

Amen to that.


Anonymous said...

Mike, a city further upstate is doing it too. They are also using the law to make sure that "Banks or Lenders" take care of repossessed properties too. Remember that a property that is not kept up is a nuisance to neighbors properties too.

I would invite you to check this out and to see that this sort of thing is considered in the legislation.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the many projects that Williams was wrapping up while on extension in the DAs office.
I am happy he saw this through to fruition.

Mike Madsen said...

Don is a good man. We are happy to have him serve on the KAPAC board as well. Channel 23 is maturing as we speak.

My time slot is changing to 9pm Tuesdays as of June 1st to allow guests enough time to get home at a decent hour. Me included.

Anonymous said...

Dancing with the Stars will be wrapped up by June 1.

Nice alternative replacement show!

Anonymous said...


The poster at 9:48 brings up a valid point. We will be monitoring foreclosed properties as well. For any of your readers that have questions, please email me at:

Also check out:

Thanks for all your support!

Don Ryan