Sunday, May 11, 2008


Everyone knows the uptown parking garage is coming down. With only minor engineering delays, the demolition is right on schedule and without injuries.

With the space cleared of debris, we will soon have a large open hole with temporary parking at the ground level. Not the best outcome, but temporary.

My suggestion: (as if anyone is listening) Once the land is cleared, offer the property to one of the large Parking Garage Managing Companies that operate as a “for profit” business. Any one of them would operate such a facility better than the City of Kingston.

This is Prime Real Estate people! A huge piece of commercial property located in the heart of the business district up-town and it’s off the tax rolls! Anyone out there think we need to build our tax base?

From North Front St to Schwenk Drive, the land is perfectly situated to offer the optimum parking location. I am sure that any interested company would offer designs to provide Retail on the upper level and architectural themes to compliment the city.

Big names like KINNEY, CENTRAL PARKING, and PRO-PARK would be a good place to start.

To take out the issues of building maintenance, employee benefits, insurance, and security, for the shot in the arm in additional tax revenue, what are we waiting for? Do I have to put this out to public referendum in November?

I suggested this sale of the Garage about three years ago, with little or no interest. What a shame.

Now that the drama of demolition is almost past, lets prepare for the future of our city. Ask your representative to seek a qualified private parking company for the better use of this prime commercial property.

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Anonymous said...

How fast can we sell it? A structure that size in a commercial zone would lower my taxes. Who do I call?

Anonymous said...

OK...spill it. What party are you from?

You say we've got our share of subsidised housing, voted against the Council budget twice, picked on the Mayors boots, blocked the eminent domain issue, insult Obama and now you want to put city property back on the commercial tax rolls?

You confuse me.


Mike Madsen said...

I now have 100 articles posted for anyone to review. My opinions are myown.
I do get corrected on minor points where I may not be an expert, but the overall direction is to provide a service to the people as well as an opportunity for me to vent on issues of my chosing.

I hope to continue to confuse anyone who thinks I'm an easy read.

Anonymous said...
I did the cities work for them in 2 minutes.