Friday, May 09, 2008


What is the Daily Freeman without Hugh Reynolds?

The paper has been struggling financially for quite a while.

Friends and employees have mentioned the trickle-down process of staff reduction that has occurred for a while now. It's a tough break for those who lost their jobs, but this signals a national trend in news distribution. Libraries are suffering as well and when is the last time you saw an encyclopedia?

Hugh Reynolds is an icon in Ulster County and will not be soon forgotten. Fan or Foe, you have to admit, you knew when he entered a room. Question is, what is the paper looking to do with it's remaining staff and the methods of investigative reporting?

Will politicos like me, run amok without repercussions? Not likely. Paul Kirby does just fine with us nine knuckleheads, but there will be a void in that cubicle every day.

Wait...I just got a brilliant idea, why don't they hire Jeremy Blaber to handle the column. Sure, a small cut in pay and an unlimited supply of rice pudding packs and Pepsi would make him happy.
Like a garden gnome, Jeremy has been everywhere. Worse things have happened.


Anonymous said...

We (Blogs and Posters) are part of the problem and solution! Even if a small part, where else can you read and react immediately to current issues in your community?

How could World Book, Britannica, or Grolier ever compete with cyber-space? We live in a world drowning in information and thirsting for knowledge. I love it...smitty

Anonymous said...

Hugh was rumored to be retiring for quite a while now. I half expected to hear about a big shindig somewhere.

Being asked to hit-the-door doesnt sound worthy of a party. I guess timing and peception is everything.


Mike Madsen said...

For all the years I have served as Alderman, I dont recall being mentioned in Reynolds' column.

For the longest time, he lived in my district and had mentioned on earlier occasions, how happy he was that the party found a replacement for Schupp.

I didnt know the relationship between them, but found it curious that I never suffered the wrath of Hugh Reynolds in the Freeman.

But dont think I dont get my share. Happy retirement Hugh.

Anonymous said...

Schupp fought with Gallo on every issue toward the end of his tenure.

Hugh, being the go-getter he used to be, would stoke those fights while lounging with TR at Twalfskill.

Sottile, being tighter with finances, gives less of the same opportunity to scuffle with this Council. Dispite his terrible bed-side mannor.


Aldercreep Stomper said...


You were mentioned in a Hugh Reynolds's column.

He called you a 'one trick pony'
I believe due to your support of the meters.

I for one think you are doing a good job and did not agree with

Anonymous said...

In Reynolds last column [today] he mentioned the renamed mens room "Stan Lundine Mens Room".

If Fusfeld hires Blaber - they can also do another renaming::

The Blaber Refrigerator!!

Anonymous said...

Mike did you know they are making a movie about YOU?

Anonymous said...

That's an outrageous idea. Blaber replacing Reynolds? Talk about poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

It is just inaccurate to paint the troubles at the Freeman as part of some trend. Library visits and circulation are UP all over the country. Most newspapers are doing just fine. In fact, 20% of them saw significant increases in circulation last year. Another 50 % held steady.

The Freeman is sowing its own demise seeds. How many more rants can we read in the editorial page without thinking "okay, we get it, you don't like any governments." How many more misreported, underreported or spun political stories can they put out before absolutely everyone sees that they lack credibility because they refuse to invest in people and honor the pillar of integrity that made the newspaper industry something very special here in the United States.

Their out of touch (and maybe touched) managers ruined the Daily Freeman. Reynolds departure may be symptomatic of the dire financial straits of the Freeman and their parent organization, but really it is more likely a statement of the editorial direction the company favors -- none.

Don't forget there are several great weeklies in our community and with enough support, one of them may grow up to finally give us a newspaper of record.

Mike Madsen said...

To the post two comments back, did you sense the humor in the suggestion? - sarcasm -

To the prior comment. I like the idea of a weekly developing into the designated city paper. Kingston Times and now the Ulster Press have really shown the public what researched reporting looks like.

But there were reports of daily papers having a downturn in subscriptions in New York State. Perhaps that is because of the runaway taxes and untethered spending in Albany slowly killing their readership.

It is true that the Freeman has done it's part to insure it's own demise, but the economy and lack of jobs locally doesnt help.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Lots of newspaper experts commenting on this site. Not a lot of expertise.

Anonymous said...

Replacements for Hugh Reynolds?

How about Paul Kirby?

I notice that Bob Mitchell still writes for them.

Anonymous said...

Granted, the comment about Blaber taking over is tongue in cheek (one can only hope!) but the scary truth this that this totally unqualified sycophantic blogger can't even pass remedial courses in a community college!! What kind of example are we setting here people??