Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The political season is hardly a time for weak spirits. The New York State Assembly races are no different.

Robin Yess, of Esopus, has announced that she will run for Assembly, here in our 101st district against long time incumbent Kevin Cahill.

The district is huge, with most of Ulster County, part of Dutchess and stretching west for another hour by Rt. 28, I would say today’s gas prices are enough of a deterrent to running for such a seat, never mind the popularity of our current Assemblyman.

Yess founded the NY Property Tax Reform Coalition in 2006. If you ask around, you’ll find that taxpayers of all stripes are on board with that, including Kevin. I have a PROPERTY TAX REFORM sign in front of my house. That doesn’t make me any less progressive.

I support Cahill and expect him to keep his seat in the Assembly, he has a long history of success during his tenure, but having an opponent with financial experience in the private sector will alter the dialog in this and other campaigns.

The taxpayers are hurting, Robin and Kevin will focus on issues of the wallet this summer, and if all the members in the Assembly and State Senate feel our pain, they may have more incentive to change course in Albany.


Anonymous said...

Cahill is a snake. Careful not to get too close.

clark12401 said...

1:18 PM. I disagree with your comment.

Anonymous said...

2:36: Cahill has done lots of good things for his district, but take my word for it, he's a snake. Don't get too close.

Adam said...

Where's the tax relief that Cahill promised? It's time for a change. I think a woman with financial experience is just the kind of candidate we need in Albany.